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從嚴重抑鬱症患者到飛越進步女演員 - 姜麗文的故事


聽聽姜麗文的分享: My journey with depression        



She said: 

My speech about my journey with depression at the MIND HK Awards 2020.
It wasn't easy, but I felt like it was the right time to truly come out and share my road to recovery with everyone--we are not alone, and it is not shameful or scary to talk about mental health.
I'm sure some of you can relate to my story, and I hope my tips will help make your days a little bit easier.
Life is so worth it, We are all in this together!

Much love to you all!

很喜歡姜麗文的分享 -MY JOURNEY with DEPRESSION 







What I really love her sharing is her attitude in acceptance of depression, as a disease.

 Every change starts from attitude change.

I love her audacity, courage to share her self development story 心路歷程。

She is not alone. We are not alone as well.

She said, depression is not just feeling sad but feeling being useless, no point to live as a burden to others. Yes, I also found depressed people tend to think no one loves them or they are not deserved to be loved. 

When she used a nickname Borat to describe her depression as another person in her mind; first she accepted the exist of her depression, acknowledge it and refuse to internalise herself to be inworthful, invalued. Borat is only part of her but not all of her.  I am not equal to my emotion, I have more beautiful characters and potential!

To find meaning of life, to have hope on self is vital in healing depression.

Her tips to leave her "Borat "is: 

WORKOUT  to generate ENDORPHINS that makes us more energetic, happier, less painful and depressed.

Treat self well : to get good massage on body , go to watch good movies, cook and do what you really enjoy and people around you also like to enjoy what you do.

Self affirmation and appreciate people's support and praise

Her story shows everyone can find their best way to heal themselves.

Engage self in an intensive, enjoyable project can be helpful.

A routine and daily sharing about self experiences as a self reflection ( 反省) and keep a systematic record on self emotion state, celerate self victory if you get better and better. Keep your record open so that your friends and loved ones can help you in case getting serious. 

Sleep well and sleep enough

Trust that everything shall pass and tomorrow will be better.

It's OK to be not OK. It's not wrong, shameful and crazy to be mentally ill. Treat your brains, bodies and hearts with kind and love.

Many people who have struggled and come over mental difficulties, ups and downs, consider themselves as a channel, an media of love carriers , angels , totally focus out. This is a sign of truly accepting selves and turning shadow to positive energy.

The more we share our life experiences in a positive way, the more we empower ourselves and inspire people to live easier,  happier.

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It's OK to be not OK. It's not wrong, shameful and crazy to be mentally ill.
( 歌手Lesley 姜麗文)
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Treat your brains, bodies and hearts with kind and love.
( 歌手姜麗文)


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