Monday, December 21, 2020

Happy Birthday to Mom

Dear Mom,

We just want to thank you and dad for your unconditional love and support.

You taught us us to love ourselves is the greatest love of all. 

We wish you to be happy each day and stay curious and young as you always. 

Daughter Donna and all your children  19 12 2020

Thank you, my dearest mum!
最近我們的兩次網上工作坊 (夢境的力量)和(愛的旅程),媽媽都有參與,從頭到尾沒有離開,非常有興趣和共鳴,她的投入程度,令我驚訝。和以往一樣,之後還給我們feedback, 給與讚美,very inspiring .
Amazing mum! I must say she is my lovely mum.



今天媽媽生日 ,一大早她起床就做生日蛋糕🎂。全家在不同地方聚在網上慶祝。

20 12 2020

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