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What are dreams? What are passion?What is stamina

++What is stamina?

"Stamina is the plural form of stamen. Figuratively, it means the power of endurance.

In life, stamina come in two kinds: those arising from casting pearls before ignoramus and those arising from repeated defeat.
Stamina imply an ability to pick oneself up when one is down, to dust oneself off and to try and try again."

Our instructor of a hypnosis course, Nelson shared his experience of being a trainer of self-development courses by telling his reflection on what dreams means to him:

Everyone has dreams. Everyone dreams at night. But not everyone carries on his dreams during daytime. Those who dares to share their dreams with others during daytime need passions. And those who really practice their dreams day and night need preservation, (as things are not as fun and easy as expected in reality, I believe). But one's passion, interest and belief will support them to continue. Those are the source of stamina and preservation, they ultimately factor to success. 

Thoughts and reflection from Nelson's sharing


Saturday, September 26, 2015

心态决定一切 The best best mindset for building a new career

Review on Workshop at IVE (25 September, 2015)
IVE 梦境探索工作坊总结 26 9 2015

The workshop was an activity for career development.

I didn't expect there was such big number of participants, over 70 people in the hall eventually.

When I was in Scotland in the the trip three weeks ago, I got the news that more than 70 students enrolled in the workshop. I was overwhelmed! I was moved and touched by the students enthusiasm in searching for themselves, their curiosity in know their soul by interpretation of their dreams and in urgency to their potential development.

And day and night after I was back on 17th September, 100% time was focused on preparation of the workshop, with hope that I could bring benefit to them, making them interesting. Many sleepless nights I worked through, brainstorming, typing and writing...

Until 24, I went to learn and test the system of computer and power point, I stayed in a workshop about life success from failure, I realized the situations, lots of students' attitude was not as positive as I expected. I was chilled at heart. The class discipline is a bit crazy at first, they just kept talking and chatting, very low attentions, to quite some extent until the speaker got angry, shouting at them. I was shocked! That was the reality? Could I do the same? But that is not my character. 

That was the real picture I needed to face the next day. 

I was a bit worried how to get through. I asked Red for help.

She gave me so much brilliant ideas and boosted my energy level! ( Youtube, more action games and games)


Right! That was the attitude of mine helped me to manage the big crowd of students yesterday!

Here was my previous grounding and self hypnosis these day!, 


我要做的,就是totally focus out。我要記住的是我可以給別人帶來什麼benefit.


用自己故事,成長經歷,帶給大家心靈上一些溫暖,滋潤和力量! 让大家开始明白梦的价值。

Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Dreams

Donna's dream story starts from here:








It worked! I didn't blame the students who kept chatting, I didn't get any anger emotion but kept myself focusing on engaging audience, despite that it was quite hard when rather a big number of people chatting with intention to get the marks!

The atmosphere was quite noisy, I was able to stay calm and at peace. 

I fond it was not  easy to keep them in attention if they were very tired, absent minded, just for marks.

Magically, when I started hypnosis process, the whole atmosphere was turning into a soft, peaceful and relaxed. 

Sharing was very hard to them. Asking them to express themselves was not easy. 

What stuck me deeply was lots of them were very curious and hoped to learn, but it was spoil by the other parts who were not in it!

I looked at some faces that were very attentive, their bodies language showed they were very engaged and interested in this topic. they even wanted to share with me. That was the inspiration and motivation for me to keep going.

One student shared that he even can change his dreams if he found the dream was not in right direction or predict some bad situations ahead, he just did it opposite to correct dreams. That was amazing to hear such brilliant sharing.

Even in the very 混乱的情况下,仍有同学可以分享到这么好的经验,我真的很感动,所以我就为他们继续讲下去。

In the group discussion, some students even shared with me their sad dreams, weird dreams and shared in the whole audience about their dreams. That was a big boost for me to see they start to know Dreams Do play important rules in life, dreams, no matter nightmares or happy dreams, they are all valuable dreams!

I used INSIDE OUT as a starter, to explain our dreams are exactly the control room of our emotion. If we don't get the real meaning from our dreams, we get into the self trap. If we get the insight and do reflection, we can make our dreams more 

Here is Jenny messages about her observation:

When I drop in  some of the groups, they paid full attention.I found most of them are curious and interested. That means dream is a very good point of 切入點.

Finally, the feedback sheet from the big audience is more than 35%. Totally unexpected! That means people who were attentive really hope to learn more. 

They did wrote to me with notes, not just single words, but heartfelt thanks and suggestions.

Just amazing. Most of them were extremely sincere, positive and constructive. some of them left tel numbers for me to call them to hear their dreams and help them to learn from their dreams. I was so grateful and happy, all my effort was paid back!

Here is more details of learning from the workshop and what I need to improve:

Dear Micheal and Grace

Firstly, thank u all for your trust. Thanks Grace  u helped me soo much, esp. your encouraging the students to share, your contribution of two dreams made the workshop more interesting. You know them better so your experience was very crucial for yesterday challenging job to me. Ad u know, dream analysis is very engaging to people in my experience.
With your all help  the event was Not bad, but lots of experimental outcome and
What really surprised us was young people love hypnosis, My son said  they grow up in different hypnosis mediation games, music, YouTube... those are all hypnosis. So i just wonder  next time, use of much more hypnosis instead of PPT
More case study  : dream stories related to Love relationship  拍托, and school life, career
Add videos  play dream movies and YouTube programs as resources
dramatize dreams, this is very interesting but challenging, psycho drama
Smaller group. if they have helpers to guide them, that us best
植萝!現場造萝現場解,should be amazing
Still brainstorming... 

Dear Jenny, 
With your all help  the event was Not bad, but lots of experimental outcome and
What really surprised us was young people love hypnosis, Eugene said  they grow up in different hypnosis mediation games, music, YouTube... those are all hypnosis. So i just wonder  next time, use of much more hypnosis instead of PPT
More case study  : dream stories related to Love relationship  拍托, and school life, career
play dream movies and YouTube programs as resources
dramatize dreams, this is very interesting but challenging, psycho drama
Smaller group. if we have helpers to guide them, that us best
植萝!現場造萝現場解,should be amazing
Any ideas?

Some mistakes to remember:

1 Proper Music for different situations need to go on

2 Worksheet step by step need to given so that they can write down and share in their small group, two or three

3 梦伴我成长: go first, then the dream decoding process: 静心内观解梦法

What a big learning and experiment. What a big improvement in my self development. 

Dear Red,

Your advice to me was a big boost and mental psycho preparation. It is not easy to be a teacher, I found. To speak their language, get connection,  lots to .improve

Most importantly, I got firsthand experience how to make better from young group, how to connect with different kind of people, how to improve.

I was so happy to see I could stay calm, focusing on people who were really engaged despite the noise from people who just came for marks or killed the time.

Your advice that 放下期望,尽情贡献, it really worked ! I changed my expectation to adapt the reality, but I still kept a passion to make it with my heart for them. What a really unforgettable experience that I’d never had before.

More than half were very interested from their positive feedback sheet to me, they write notes to me with their heart, giving me suggestions, some of them as you suggested.

One big surprise was: Hypnosis about dream interpretation became the best of the whole process; they loved hypnosis process so much! Afterwards, they had very interesting discussions and sharing. I really enjoyed hear their voices.

It was at that time, I went into group discussions; they shared with me a couples of dreams, sad (about suicide), reflective and interesting, full of wisdom in their dreams and of course emotion problems...,  and I did one case immediately for a student in front of the audience. The student told me the insight he learnt from the process! Very lovely, brave boy!

感激IVE的老師們- Micheal, Grace的信任和協助,感激Jenny 老師的再次幫助!感激Red 的指導和激勵!
Just lots to improve and to practice, to adapt to the changes of situations, but one thing is always true, no matter how changeable the environment is

[9/25/2015, 20:26] Micheal Bao DP:
If you or your friend had taken some photos about tonight event, please feel free to send me, thanks once again for your coming tonight and hoping that we can have next session in my school very soon
[9/25/2015, 23:41] +852 9030 6536: 🙏🙏🙏

 My partner only shoot video on me. no.picture.
[9/25/2015, 23:47] +852 9030 6536: lots of learning. i now got lots of new ideas how to make them interested, engaged. how to improve. got 30 feedback in notes form, i was sooo happy, they did write to me, for the students they wanted to know themselves better. However, quite some coming for marks only or less interested,  not really participate, i can understand. So next time, need them leave seats, more actions, drama.
most of them loved meditation and hypnosis, amazing.🌈

[9/25/2015, 23:49] Micheal Bao DP: Looking forward for your next workshop in my campus again
[9/25/2015, 23:51] +852 9030 6536: sure, i will discuss with u, some are serious, i am interested to go into details

[9/25/2015, 23:52] Micheal Bao DP: As some students are really admiring this topic

[9/26/2015, 00:01] +852 9030 6536: awesome, let's think about it

[9/26/2015, 11:19] +852 9030 6536: did Grace take photos?

[9/26/2015, 11:20] Micheal Bao DP: Not sure, let me ask

[9/26/2015, 11:27] +852 9030 6536: it's pity, the record didn't work, no any video

 we have no record for yesterday event.

 it's my fault. i didn't know how to use it at all, but i guessed i know.

[9/26/2015, 11:28] Micheal Bao DP: Next time use iPhone to record is already good enough

[9/26/2015, 11:35] +852 9030 6536: Exactly

[9/26/2015, 11:36] +852 9030 6536: Grace was great. she helped me so.much. I wanted to thank her,
can u give me her tel

Grace feedback:

[9/27/2015, 11:10] Grace IVE: 當然有多d 人入組一定會好d,因學生如無組長的專注度會較短、因此討論時間不用太長

[9/27/2015, 11:15] Grace IVE: 這可散 播解夢 symbol 的種子、對學生們是好事

[9/27/2015, 11:18] Grace IVE: 催眠時候有講稿、可望下學生反應、再講慢少少會較好、有部分學生表示開始load到但追不到、我目測前方學生就跟到嘅

[9/27/2015, 12:45] +852 9030 6536DONNA
Dear Micheal

the workshop showed me that expression of feeling, 表達感覺,感受对他們原來不是一件简单的事。But to well express feeling is the Key for dream interpretation, or we can say it is a bridge of inner communication. So through the process, it is an excellent level up 提升, jump up to reach their own heart, to talk with themselves, a good training of self reflection. This is the purposes we want to achieve via the workshops, isn't it?😀

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Follow Your Heart! Follow Your Dreams!


我要做的,就是totally focus out。我要記住的是我可以給別人帶來什麼benefit.



Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Dreams

Donna's dream story starts from here:



24 9 2015

解夢辅导的过程和步驟 Dream coaching steps and questions:

18 7 2015

A Recalling ExperiencingFeeling and interpret  Dream process

細述夢境, 感受夢境

B Free association擴大聯想,這個夢與你發夢前或日常生活哪些事情相似/有關?











如核心價值? 信念? 性格?

The personages in our dreams are actually facets of ourselves.


又或者這個夢揭示了壓抑事,情緒? 那麼這些事和情緒是什麼? 或有什麼事你不想去面對?​​ 想逃避? 但夢偏偏要我們去面對!

 或者暗示有什麼需要? 身體的需要,心理上的需要,心靈上的渴望? 我到底想要什麼?我的人生目標?

這個夢 意味著什麼? 預測了什麼?

或者帶來任何靈感?創意? 解決問題的方法? 實現願望的大綱,藍圖?

We all have a built-in guide on emotional and practical problem solving in the form of our dreaming mind.

將夢境與現實生活中的活動, 思想, 感情聯在一起, - , 令你想到什麼,有什麼啟示?

Dream interpretation is not end without self-improvement or transformation.


潛意識,謝謝你給我的信息,智慧.我會好好領會.接下來的日子,  請你繼續傳遞信息,  指點我, 令我進步, 讓我們做個好朋友. 一起合作,創造美好的明天.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

About Donna Wong

About Donna Wong
My dear friend,

Here is my introduction update.

 Donna Wong是一位註冊催眠培訓導師,夢境治療師。




同時,Donna將理論和實踐融合在創作上,製作了一系列解夢及自我催眠療程的MP3/CD,免費在YOUTUBE下載。通過網上輔導和提供有關MP3/MP4, 隨時隨地體驗催眠對健康、心靈的滋潤, 自我放鬆,自我提升。


19 9 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015

學習催眠DIY: Learn Hypnosis! Do it yourself! Learn it yourself!

什麼是mindfulness power, 潛意識的能量?通過自我催眠, 或 meditation, 我們可以發揮出很多內在的潛力,解決自己的問題。這次美國上課,親身目睹很多成功人士對meditation,(Another term of self-hypnosis)都給予很高重視。視為自我潜能,創意的解放!

學習催眠,做催眠治療師,最大的心願是 promote, 分享如何用Mindfulness - 內在能量,資源,自我掌控, 包括自己的身體和精神狀態。帶給大家自我催眠對提升身、心、靈平衡d體驗,心靈上的滋潤。


這次在美國的一個家庭聚會,了解到老人家失眠問題嚴重,我嘗試用催眠,給他們自信,讓他們了解潛意識的力量,靠自己去解決睡眠問題,可以不靠sleep pills。


令我興奮的是,這是我第一次用普通话做催眠。给他们带来亲切感, 投入感。催眠很讲究语言的应用。Speak their language! 




這一晚,經過催眠,我的喉嚨痛也消失了。自己也睡的很深!確實,每次幫別人催眠,也是幫助我自己放鬆, 回到身心平衡的狀態。如果我自己不能進入狀態,這不是在做催眠!




而我一直告訴大家,只要相信自己,就能成功。如何才能相信自己,那就是do nothing, just follow hypnosis instruction, sounds easy, but need lots of practice as focusing on something is not easy, without relaxation conditions!

一旦進入催眠狀態,人就可以自己放鬆了,你的想像力會帶你去到你的心靈深處,無邊無際, 越來越接近夢鄉,然後就睡著了…

催眠是一種學習,需要不斷練習。 Do it yourself! Learn it yourself! Yes, you can!

Try this if you can for self hypnosis learning:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KawLCp12tk   or more here