Sunday, April 17, 2022


 17 4 2022


1 當你受傷,燙傷,被拳頭擊中,你會感覺痛,感覺受傷了。


2 我常常說的要《與情緒對話》,聆聽情緒背後的聲音,在這個interview中,你會更加感受到爲什麽讀懂情緒背後的意義如此重要:不要情緒白白來一趟,甚至傷害自己。情緒表面的都好像似乎負面東西...

3 允許自己去快樂,雖然這個世界很亂。

Allow yourself to feel joy while the world is fallen apart. Take action to love, to lead and to connect with people.

emotional pain is the same as physical pain in our brain reaction 

shame, guilty, exclusive, isolate lonely, helpless, anger, resentment, rage, confusion, despair

 we are emotional being

not cognitive being

we are feeling people 

Absence of  connection is always suffering to both sides

take  action, do a bit to make a difference

need to lean in love, joy and connection

情緒是身心健康的溫度計 ( 探熱針)

與情緒深情對話 ( 冥想 script)



《與情緒創傷說再見》 課程簡介

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