Sunday, April 10, 2022

Leaving home was the hardest but best thing for me

10 4 2022 


Mathew is a medical student in UK from HK.

His sharing reminds me of my time of immigration to HK, challenges as heavy as mountains and self confidence, courage was built from overcoming one by one difficulty.
Very good sharing to let people know the challenges living in UK, the attitude to prepare and most importantly , to find who you are, what you want to be eventually.
very inspiring for people who are preparing to immigrate . Looking forward and every day is getting better and settled. See the light in the end of tunnel.
He said:
I grew as a person and learned to overcome difficulties and adversaries.

I also know that I spend a lot of time by myself but in reality, I know that I am never alone. I carry my family's heart and feelings in the same way that they carry mine even though they half way around the world.
I care for my friends deeply in the same way that I know they will always have my backs as well.
It's really easy to feel isolated nowadays especially when you come to a brand new place but you know there's someone out there whether is be family, a close friend or someone that you've just met that cates about you. They are just a phone call or a thought away.

All I. all I'm grateful that I challenge myself to leave home because I feel like I've learned so much...
Seek new environments, new challenges and new opportunities. To push yourself, to find out more about the world and yourself.
Sometimes even though it can seem like a really awful situation being away from family and friends, it's about what you make from the situation and learning to overcome those difficulties and challenges.
So all I will say is things will work out and you can just small steps every day to make yourself feel a bit more comfortable and engage with the community around you and eventually you'll feel better.


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