Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Power of Forgiveness And Inner Child Therapy - Case Study

終極的愛是寬恕。令自己走出自己的監獄。MOVE FORWARD!
(My Case Insights )

昨天是我2019年其中最開心的一天,經歷了四次的療愈。我可以大膽地和案主做Forgiveness process。我和個案一起去經歷Forgiveness Process, 我們都哭了。

朋友今天和爸爸說:I forgive you despite that you hurt, traumatized me in my childhood an teenager time.

我說:unforgiving is negative energy, just like cancer triggers, it can kill us and our families.

Yes, Forgiveness cannot change your past, but it can reprogram yourself and empower your future.

我們一起學習shadow therapy, “death triangle” - Rescuer, Victim and prosecutor...

You can continue to be victim of your past or become your parents of your inner child, your owner of your life. It is your choice!

她說,今天最大的收穫,是我明白forgiveness power. Victim disaster.

Yes, 你可以令自己不再做受害者, 不再索求愛。你不一定要愛他,但我不需要再恨他來damage your life, your family life.

我說:今天是一個reliving day of your life, to make your life a new page.
Forgiveness is a life long learning.
Can't be successful by healing once!

People ask me, “By hypnotherapy, could you help me to delete traumatic memory, memory of people they hate and events they make me sleepless? ”
I think we cannot delete any memory but ask if I really want to get out of the psycho-prison. If yes, probably forgiveness is the most powerful way - forgiving others means free ourselves.
Forgive is not to accept the behavior of the people, forgiveness cannot change the past but open the door of freedom ...... a lifelong learning: Forgiveness is an attitude and a state of mind.
Almost everyday we can use FORGIVENESS to clean our dark Shadow, to be freer ourselves.

其中讓自己快樂的方法,就是寬恕原諒。如果我們還有什麼放不下,想起來都有憤怒或心痛,心碎的感覺,以下是我的Forgiving process by Hypnotherapy. 你可以隨時隨地,安靜自己,聽一聽,多聽幾次,你會舒服好多,平靜好多,因為你開始明白,寬恕原諒不是認同錯誤,而是給自己機會,給別人機會,走出牢籠,寬恕原諒,完全是為了愛自己,讓自己的身心安頓,為自己心理和身體健康負責任。


在潛意識裡,沒有過去,沒有將來,只有現在,NOW。只要我們這個時刻想到,夢到什麼,都是和現在有關,哪怕content是在過去 (guilt, regret , hatred, compliant...) 或將來( anxiety)

只要內在受傷的小孩得到她的滿足,需要,她就會變得有生命力,有衝勁,有憧憬,有希望!潛意識裡 ,真真假假不懂分,一切都是真的。

Positive imagination produces positive reality, and vise versa !

Negative imagination "power" - or disaster:

受焦慮困擾的人常常是把negative imagination用的淋漓盡致,把fear放大,


Dream Therapy and hypnotherapy is an application of positive

imagination power:

Turn sleep dreams, wonderful imagination( insights, creative imagination , hope, wishes) into reality.

That is why I say Imagination works! That is hypnotherapy process and I love hypnotherapy, which help me live in peace and build inner abundance.

Hypnotherapy changes our inner program and change our behavior showing to outside.



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