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從寫稿,錄音到剪接,修改用了一年多的時間,終於可以ONLINE, 和大家分享,一起修心修行,心身安頓,智慧來!

整個過程,是對自己一個極大的鞭策和提升。如果有一天我仍有受害者的念頭,仍由內疚,放不下,我都需要做Forgiving Process。

整個過程,通過說故事 講出內心感受,令自己感動,給自己能量。 因為我深深相信:Hypnotherapy is the bridge connecting the lands of knowing and realizing。 

Forgiving is an attitude and a state of mind.


"When a deep injury is done to us, we will never recover until we forgive, Forgiveness does not change the past. But it does enlarge the future." ~Mary Karen Read

今天,我同大家一起做一個forgiveness meditation。我喜歡做Meditation 原因是meditation是一自我催眠, 是以個相信自己無論是在催眠師帶領或在自已意識帶領下,進入一個非常放鬆狀態,然後在享受這個放鬆過程中,讓潛意識自然、舒適地收到一些正面的信息,埋下種子,就好似成為身體的一部分。同時從中也聆聽自己潛意識的心聲,發掘內在資源,讓潛能得到更好地發揮。

Holding onto conscious and unconscious hurt and anger can be the root of many illnesses。 I believe true personal liberation comes from the release of past hurts。 This meditative gives you a practical way of releasing hurts gradually if practice consistently all the way from your core self to your muscle memory。


渴望通過做Forgiving Process及感恩,令自己每天都清鬆自在,不帶包袱。

每天都看到一個不一樣的自己,不一樣的別人,不一樣的世界。Move forward.

A video makes me cry......
People ask me, By hypnotherapy, could you help me to delete traumatic memory, memory of people they hate and events they make me sleepless?  ”
I think we cannot delete any memory but ask if I really want to get out of the psycho-prison. If yes, probably forgiveness is the most powerful way - forgiving others means free ourselves.
Forgive is not to accept the behavior but the people, forgiveness cannot change the past but open the door of freedom ...... a lifelong learning: Forgiveness is an attitude and a state of mind.
Almost everyday we can use FORGIVENESS to clean our dark Shadow, to be freer ourselves.


Published on 15-12-2014

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