Friday, December 6, 2019

We are what we say to ourselves - self talk is crucial


朋友說: 我的好朋友不多,很希望他們不離開我。



Please say, I will tr​​easure, cherish our friendship.

This is more positive instruction and think how to make it better by your concrete 具體 actions

朋友馬上領悟到我的意思,說:I will rephrase my word

I will tr​​easure, cherish my friends' friendship.

Excellent ! I am awed by her rephrasing.


Don't run! Don't think anything. Don't look at your mobile phones.

我們的潛意識如孩子,他們會不知覺的,下意識的做你不向他們做得事情,而我們是帶著不安或恐懼說出這些話,我們就會偏偏吸引這些我們不想看到,不想發生的東西。 This is law of Attraction. We can to use our subconscious mind power to make our dreams easy to achieve.

所以,每次有don't , not , 任何否定句子,我們可以嘗試化成正面的句子,意思不變,但outcome,結果會很不一樣!



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