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哀傷,不是只有生死情況才出現,快樂童年失去,(童年創傷),愛情和婚姻失去,事業和工作的失去,創業失敗...,投資失利,金錢損失,甚至退休后的地位失去,或當自己知道生命就快走向終點,感到很害怕或失落,這些都是哀傷處理的範疇。當人沒有適應巨大的變化,沒有接受這些失去的事實,就會陷入GRIEVING STATE- 哀傷狀態。

在面對這些失去,一般有幾個階段,depression is part of them,大部分人都會有抑鬱或情緒困擾。



Daniel Mackler, a movie maker and musician and writer他 用自己的親生經歷,用各種自我healing的方法,也是我常常用的寫作療法,擁抱内在小孩療法,與情緒對話,聆聽自己内在聲音的方法,也是Daniel非常喜歡和非常推薦的方法,療愈自己的grieving, 哀傷。過程是理解自己的哀傷,才能跨越自己限制性的信念和行爲,發揮出自己無限的潛能。聽聽:

If we don’t grieve our historical wounds we cannot heal them, yet how do we grieve, and what does grief entail?

About Daniel:


My name is Daniel Mackler and I am a musicianfilmmakerYoutuber, and writer based in New York.  I also worked for ten years as a psychotherapist in New York, though I ended my therapy practice in 2010.  My creative work focuses on the destruction of our natural environment and the causes, consequences, and significance of childhood trauma.  I see childhood trauma as ranging from the extreme, which is common, to the mild, which is so much more common that few even notice it at all, much less call it by its proper name.  I view the norm in our culture as being highly traumatized and I view the average, and even above-average, childhood as being extremely traumatic – and the average parent as lacking both awareness of this and deep empathy for the child.

I see our world growing more pathological, confused, polluted, overpopulated, and disturbed by the day – and I feel that to stand by and say nothing while we destroy our planet is, at the least, irresponsible.  Yet I write with great hope – both for individual healing and for the collective healing of our world.  I seek to offer a new perspective – on relationships, on manifesting the best of ourselves, on the potential value of celibacy, on parenting, on the pathology of the family system, and on the future of our species.

我的名字是丹尼爾麥克勒,我是紐約的音樂家、電影製作人、Youtuber 和作家。儘管我在 2010 年結束了我的治療實踐,但我還在紐約擔任了十年的心理治療師。我的創作工作專注於對我們自然環境的破壞以及童年創傷的原因、後果和意義。我認為童年創傷的範圍很廣,從常見的極端到輕微的,更為常見,以至於很少有人注意到它,更不用說用它的專有名稱來稱呼它了。我認為我們文化中的常態是受到高度創傷的,我認為平均甚至高於平均水平的童年是極度創傷的——而普通的父母既缺乏對這一點的認識,也缺乏對孩子的深刻同理心。



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