Friday, June 5, 2020

Dream Therapy sections preparation

Coaching steps in dream therapy and hypnotherapy

做自己的生命教練 - About Donna Wong

About Donna Wong 人性化,個人化的身心輔導





是牆還是門? Door or Wall?  


Reading Material on Dream Therapy and Hypnotherapy by Donna Wong

母親節的反思 - 做自己内在的父母

夢境的迷思與困惑 - 為什麼有學習解夢啊?

Searching my soul plan and meaning of life

Imagination test.
Prepare yourself to face challenge, to deal with the challenge and make the best use of the experience to grow up. Ask her to imagine what she is in a symbol way.
Ask if today is the last day die, what I most fearful, what most grateful
Ask her
Ask her to speak at least 10 grateful sentences
zero limits

inner child PPT
Timeline   时间回溯
1 Find all of the glories moments, what do you find of yourself: characters, spirit and talents and habits, positive intentions, belief and value. What have made you a difference at that time. Set an anchor whenever u feel vulnerable and fearful
Ask her to speak at least 10 grateful sentences
Zero limit meditation
2 Find the saddest, fearful moment in your childhood or growing up processes. Find all the issues, belief and limiting decisions that still block your ways; hold the child, hold the vulnerable little self and hold
3 Forgiving process: to find the most needful forgiving person is self.
FACE it, no fear, Telling the truth.
Sharing, there is at least three ways to solve an issue.
What is the three ways?

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