Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Dear Mom

Today's tel conversation was very meaningful,  profound in understanding ourselves better and to reconfirm ourselves that to love ourselves is greatest love of all.

Everyone is unique, with their own belief, value systems. That is why   conflicts are happening in our daily life.

You said so well that,
 " Let go, and forgive and forget and move forward.  This is a way to truly love ourselves, and also a way to love others.
If I cannot love myself, I will be hurt to my health. Then people,  families will worry for me. That is not a way to love people."

So you choose to control your emotions,  transform emotions to love , caring energy. Positive thinking.

Thank you mom for your    wonderful sharing and first hand experience to set an model for us.

9 12 2019

Aging is optional
Growing up  is optional. 🌈🌈🌈

The Video is inspiring.
Everyone wants to have happiness.
Before we have happiness, we need to have happiness mindset.
It is not because everything is good but we can see goodness in everything.
If we see everything has reason and take the responsibility for ourselves, we can see everything has its beauty for us to become a better person.


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