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但長期處於低情緒狀態,過度哀傷狀態,可能導致抑鬱和身體問題,來到情緒病的狀態,就不是挂念思念那麽簡單,埋藏很多情緒, trauma pains, insecurity, jealousy, anxiety , worry, death fear... everyone is different 需要處理,方能走出心理陰霾。



COCO電影觀後感 - 飛躍夢境與靈界 (全文)



A story about how to go out of grief:

This morning I got up with the above idea that Gandhi said. Then I asked myself, if today were the last day, what do u want to do first , what do you regret that you have not started or finished projects or things ... this is very powerful question to utilize death as the best blessing to our human and release fear
Then continue to go to details: do I have any fears, anxiety, anything I need to make a change, otherwise it is damaging  my health and relationship, life quality? what have I improved a lots and I must keep going to become a desired habit?

2022 7 13

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