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Sharing with you about our family issues becomes more and more constructive, reflective and powerful when we come to subconscious and therapeutic, philosophical levels. As you have self studied a lot on therapies, and being coached by others, it is very helpful to integrate what we learnt and use up for ourselves.

I am relieved a lot,knowing it is important to have health boundaries and not to be burnt out.

To Express my own feelings and my own need is part of my weakness in family. Will improve as I have advised to my counselling cases.

All coach is self coach.


For people especially retired, elderly people, find the root causes of their issues , not just behavior issues and help them to find the meaning of life is the keys.

Let everyone take their own responsibility is also crucial.


Mother and son, friends and teachers to each other

昨天和兒子吃午飯,分享心事,一談就2個小時。最近有些煩惱,他成為我的聆聽者,我的治療師,幫助我找源頭,疏解壓力,提醒我健康界限,敦促我也要勇敢表達自己的需要,否則會burnt out,蠻感恩的!

我們談了很多關於情緒急救,老年憂鬱狂躁症問題,創傷壓力症的個案, 發現問題的關鍵都和童年創傷有關,同時,我們都深深感動:生命的意義,在任何年紀都有重要的價值,當一個人沒有活著的動機,就很容易墮入自我情緒的陷阱,難以接受身體退化,病痛的煎熬,更难接受死亡。




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昨天和兒子吃午飯,分享心事,一談就2個小時。最近有些煩惱,他成為我的聆聽者,我的治療師,幫助我找源頭,疏解壓力,提醒我健康界限,敦促我也要勇敢表達自己的需要,否則會burnt out,蛮感恩的!



作为照顧者或被照顧者, 值得ㄧ聽, 及早预防。

歡迎互動及轉介。❤️🙇‍♀️Easy Chong莊中醫師

很有用不過比較長咗一啲,我抄低左個腦退化,失智症的八個階段1. 記憶力下降, 但遠期記憶、深刻.2. 動力及興趣下降,不想出門3.情緒起伏大 4.表達能力降低5.懷疑多言甚至有妄想及迫害症6.幻覺 ,鬼怪,甚至見到過身親人7. 重複動作 例如開門閂門8.睡眠障礙,日夜顛倒。我本人覺得鼓勵長者活躍是重要的-參加多啲活動的確有幫助

16 11 2020

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