Monday, April 27, 2020

和年輕人的對話 (3) - 逆境中的生涯規劃

26 4 2020

Second Sharing with Mimi

Nice sharing again
It is the worst time.
It is the best time.
The quote is profound.

Very challenging time to everyone and this virus is changing the world to be better anyway.

Mimi said

Thank you Donna for your precious encouragement during my downtime.

I am happy that you find my experience helpful to more people who is experiencing the same.
Amy Lai Poly student Star program: Last night I woke up at 3 am, I find myself hard to sleep again, and then I think and think. I found myself always easy to 走下坡, even lost my passion during frustration. But it's glad to have you to ask me to look at diverse opportunities.

I mentally prepare that I may lose my job soon, and meanwhile I need to pay for my rental. But you said that I'm still young. Knowing you son will start a business, maybe I also need the same courage and persistence to start my next journey during coronavirus. I should search for it, explore it, and expect it, prepare for it and embrace it.

I really appreciate you that very kind, willing to listen and share useful feedback. I hope to become more toMimiugh and independent coz nobody can go through everything with me.

Treat each day a learning,  self searching and rewarding,  grateful day, you will have abundance to meet any challenges.

Last night, I was sorry for saying "Just ignore your aunt's  advice of finding a good husband". I just want to focus on your main concern at that time but a bit abrupt.

 She is kind and caring for your future of course. Fully understood.

However It's a big topic on Love, Romance and Family, not just any one's responsibility but both as a partner to manage the relationship.

Your aunty might think it was a straight way matter and you might think it was not reliable , secure to do like that... Agreed u partially.

Just focus on what u can do at this moment and do u best.
Yes  you can 🧡🌈🌈🌈👍👍

我想到人的個性 -

每個人都有各種“次人格”,就好像洋蔥層,有堅強,也有脆弱;有光明的一面,也有陰暗的一面。只要接納它們 ,整合在一起,就拼出完整的自己, 令自己趋向完美。

我想到Dream Therapy,解夢的過程


我想到情緒 -

我想到abundance  豐盛富足,內在資源 -
negotiation ability, communication ability
And Beyond...

全部都是我们自己的内在洋葱  - 人性的一部分


1 看到自己的美麗,也看到別人的美麗
2 反思的能力,愛自己的能力,修正生活習慣
3 洞悉和發現別人的特質
5 感受別人的感受,empathy understanding
4 提升自我價值 self esteem building ability
5 逆境中自我調節的能力
6 Story telling ability and  beyond...🌹🧡💡👍🌈

和年輕人的對話 ( 1) - 逆境中的生涯規劃

Last night, I felt you were looking down yourself to some extent. So I think u can try to do self hypnosis daily when closing eyes at bed and saying to yourself above in ur own words, like another self whispering to you. 😍💡👭

Big Five Personality Test

The Big Five personality traits (Five-factor Model)

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