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We are all one, 我中有你,你中有我

13 3 2020

Day 18 | 21 days of abundance meditation | Deepak Chopra

Today's core thoughts:

I celebrate my unity with all life, knowing we are all one

在這一集,Dr Deepak帶領我們探索集體潛意識的力量,強化歸屬感和我中有你, 你中有我精神。這是一種深度的連結的過程,人與人之間的關係,不是分割的,沒有任何人可以生存,如果沒有家庭照顧,社會的關愛。沒有一個人活在孤舟,我們都在同一條船。

每個人的行為,影響大家,每個人的成就 ,造福社會。



win win community 的建立,令孤獨感,無助感大大降低。

今天的冥想,令我反思這場anti corona virus world war, 每一個國家都不是孤立的,沒有任何人可以獨善其身,每個人都需要為自己著想,好好照顧自己,才有能力照顧別人。


   ⁠ ⁠     ⁠ ——  鐘南山”



People in US, quite of them still  don't pay high attention to the outbreak.
I sent the message to my friends,  families in US:
Take good care of yourselves.
Washing hand is not enough NOW.
Everyone could be the virus invisible carrier if not be highly vigilant.
That is the challenge.
Thanks to China, Korea, Italy experience,  lessons, we have to take it seriously.
HK is doing well so far, 95% of people wear face masks when stepping out of home doors..

One MAN'S MISTAKE can ruin the success of the world war in fighting pandemic of Coronavirus outbreak

記住:我為人人, 人人為我

我為人人, 人人為我。

He said,

Living in the physical world, if we only believe our own senses, believe our world is in a sole reality,
 in which everyone is separated from one and another, we access to limited resources.

In this sense, we put ourselves in an isolated situation, in a stiff competition.

In truth, in both molecular and spiritual level, we are all one, sharing the unity of whole spirits.
once we realise we are completely connected, the illusion of competition disappears.

Giving ways to cooperation at unity consciousness.

In this way we know, when one person succeeds, we all succeed.

Further more, since I am you, I do not exist without you.

We can think about family. Families, brothers and sisters support one another in time if needed.

When one is successful, the whole family succeeds.

On the deep spiritual level, we are not only related to our parents, brothers and sisters, but the entire world.

When we go on this awareness, we become an unity. Celebrating everyone's success.

As we move to a living unity, a person self is replaced by an unity self.

As we move to the idea of ​​a living unity, a person self is replaced by an universe self.

We develop a sincere feeling of relatedness to everyone, and great empathy to others as we share the trumps and joy.

 We become generally interested in their lives, giving them attention and assistant when asked.

In this way, miracles are common place.

Here we can create anything we desire, including abundance in any form we choose.

Miracle happens because we live in love, compassion and services.

The understanding of living in an unity carries tremendous power.

As we are free from separation and splitting world, we can achieve miracles not only benefiting our own lives, but also possibly healing the world.

Spend some time,  practice living in unity today, be present, and generally interested in life of others.

In your conversation, give undivided attention to others.
If you find someone in need, give them a help hand, offering your assistance.

Pass your experience, show your deep understanding to others.

Let's begin our meditation by focusing on our attention on today's centering thought:

Today I celebrate our unity with all my life knowing that we are all one.

There is you in me, there is me in you, we are all one 我中有你,你中有我


和朋友們分享面對疫情的感受,大家都深深感恩香港是福地: 香港人有高度的應變能力;香港擁有高水平的醫療設施、人才和廉價醫療的收費;
香港人有同心合力面對疫情挑戰的精神。 今天讀到劉進圖先生的文章,真的為香港驕傲,也提醒我們,千萬不要輕易鬆懈,



深度的歸屬感的建立 Day 18 (21 days Mediation on abundance )

感恩踢走ego和焦虑 (跟 Dr Deepak學習冥想 系列)

跟 Dr Deepak學習冥想, 共21 天。還在繼續,以下是我每次完成後的感想:

Meditation Guide on Day 18 
🍀 Due Monday Night

We are almost done ✅ 

☘ Task ☘

Write a  letter to your country of origin.  In this letter, express all your feelings about it.

Remember that all of your feelings are valid and appropriate.  Write everything that arises. 

As a reminder, write down the meditation in your notebook and keep it in mind throughout the day. 


☘ Phrase ☘

 I celebrate my unity with all life knowing we are all one

☘ Mantra ☘

Tat Tham Aci
Tat Tuam Asi

Message of the Day

Live in unity

In today's meditation, we will talk about unity, as the basic truth of all that exists.

As individuals, we are not alike.  We have different lifestyles, beliefs and perceptions.

However, these differences exist only in the physical plane.

[01:43, 3/13/2020] Fast Track Chatherine Leung: ☘ Day 18 Recap ☘

1. Meditation: Listen to the audio. Repeat the mantra. 

2.Write the phrase of the day in your notebook. 

3. Complete the assignment - a letter to your country of origin

4. All of this is due by Monday night

Send Day 18 Done done when you complete the task and meditation! 💚


To see the virus pandemic from different prospects

 13 3 2020

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