Sunday, March 15, 2020

Today I treat myself to moment of luxury

Day 20 - 21 days of abundance meditation with Dr Deepak

Today's core thoughts:

Today I treat myself to moment of luxury.

Beautiful meditation to expand our horizon to enjoy surroundings with any beauty from nature to lifestyle.

In a relaxing playful music, Dr Deepak says,

When you believe you are valuable, you surround yourself with luxury, comforts and pleasures beyond those needed for everyday living.

For me, the luxury could be a sweet sleep, a warm talk, a hike alone or with friends, meditation and hypnosis time in the countryside ...

Luxury is not material, it doesn't have to be an expensive car or luxury material. It could be simply fragrance of flowers in your garden, a drop of scented oil in the warm bath, or a piece of chocolate bar or the sound of beautiful music.

This life with small luxury costs very little but means so much.

Do you feel wealth with such luxury ?

Luxury is a nature state. Abundance are birth right.
Every person is a piece of gold. Pure Gold is your essence.
Create love and universe.

Gold are as luminous and cherish as are you.

As such a treasure, you deserve all the good the world has to offer.

With this in mind, note by elevating your view of yourself, you elevate the quality of your life

Your outer world will echo your thoughts, beliefs and intentions, that you will be treasured by wealth and abundance.

Practice living luxury today. Take some time to do something for yourself, that you consider luxurious.

Take a bubble bath, or a long walk. meet good friend for tea or lose yourself in a favorite old film.

Make this as your habit.

The more you bring small luxury into your life, the more you will recognize yourself as a wealth spiritual being, deserving love and abundance.

Prepare today's meditation, let's focus on today's centering thoughts:

Today I treat myself to moment of luxury.

Today I treat myself to moment of luxury.

As we continue with our days, carry the sense of luxury abundance with us, remind ourselves

Today I treat myself to moment of luxury.

Dr Deepak's luxury mediation inspires me that when we treat ourselves as valuable as gold, everything around us is valuable and luxury.

Also this meditation reminds me to cherish what I have, time and people and material around me. They are my wealth, my abundance.

Most importantly, to make ourselves in luxury conditions and state of mind by building habit to relax, to appreciate everything - food, nature, people and ourselves.

今天我來到Day 20 meditation, Dr Deepak 講到生活的態度,發現身邊的美麗,哪怕是花朵向著你笑,洗一個熱水澡,或去郊野公園走一走, 讓自我放鬆的生活成為習慣,身體模式。



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[24:44, 3/15/2020] Fast Track Chatherine Leung: 💃 I can’t believe we’re only 2 days away from the end of the journey💃

If you’ve fallen behind, don’t worry! No one is judging or keeping track for your progress. Take your time and hope to see everyone at the finish line.


⭕⭕⭕ Day 20 ⭕⭕⭕

🅾 Due Wednesday night

Scroll through your journal, read the tasks you've performed.

See if there is something that you missed. Would you like to supplement anything in the light of your new awareness?

After that, think about someone in your life and/or environment who seems to be unhappy or going through a challenging time. This person may complain often and have a generally negative view of life.

It could be someone from the 7th day list or someone else.

Share the Parable from Day 19 with this person and writE dowN whaT happenS in your journal.

How did you feel sharing the parable with him / her? What thoughts, associations, sensations arose in the process?

Did they answer? Did you talk about it, what did you discuss?

You never know whose life you can impact and shift when you share with them what you’ve learned. 🙌🙃

💢 Message 💢

Live On The Fat Of The Land

Today we look at the concept of luxury, adding to your life something that is much more significant than just a necessity.

When you feel that you are worthy to receive all the blessings that the Universe can offer you, your needs are satisfied easily and even more than necessary. As soon as you learn to accept the grace that has been sent to you, you are showing the universe that you deserve only the best and are ready to receive it.

QUESTION N ° 1: How is luxury manifested in your life?

QUESTION N ° 2: What luxurious gifts do you present yourself?

QUESTION N ° 3: How can you bring luxury to others?

💢 Phrase 💢

Today I treat myself to moments of luxury

💢 Mantra 💢

Om Ritam Namah
Om Ritam Namah
[24:45, 3/15/2020] Fast Track Chatherine Leung: 💢 Day 20 Recap 💢

1. Meditation: Listen to the audio. Repeat the mantra

2. Write the phrase of the day in your notebook.

3. Complete the assignment - share the parable on Day 19 to your target friends. Write down what happens.

4. All of this is due by Wednesday night.

Send Day 20 Done when you complete the task and meditation! 🅾

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