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I am unlimited abundance

Day 21  of Abundance Meditation

15 3 2020


21 Abundance meditation challenge

Plant Abundance seeds into our life

 Congratulations on completion of 21 abundance meditation challenge, creating Abundance.

It has been our gift to share rich meditation experiences with you.

 Through our time to together, you have quite a lot of daily tools to manifest abundance in your life.

 You have been growing confidence that abundance are sure, certain knowledge that is your birth right.

 Experiencing abundance all around you, You know that you can cooperate with your high self, and you can truly express yourself as abundant being.

When we can enhance the life of ourselves and others, we can effect positive changes to the world.

 Today I will guide you through a visual meditation.

We will plant the seeds of this abundances, to grow more love,  happiness and prosperity.

 Anything you wish, peacefully aware,  that abundance will flow easily and effortlessly into your life.

 Let's begin, sit comfortably, and softly close your eyes.

 Inhaling and exhaling gently, let it go of all thoughts.

Allow your mind to take you to a beautiful meadow, so peaceful and inviting and you want to sit among in the green grasses, enjoying its splendor.

The meadow soil feels  soft and rich  as you move through your fingers. And breathing your connections with earth.

With you is a small packet of seeds of all varieties:

Seeds of gratitude,  appreciation, love, peace, material wealth, inter connection, harmony, health, wellbeing, and bless.

 You open the packet, Pour the seeds into your hands, and splint them into the fertile soil.

 You trust once you planted to seeds, the sun and the rain will nurture them. And they will grow strongly to vibrant plants.

 Silently repeat the words, feeling the resonance with your heart center:

 I am unlimited abundance,
 I am blissful happiness,
 I am  exclusively well being,
 I am unconditional love,
 I am completely harmony,
 I am inner peace.

 Now take deep breath into our today's centering  thought:

I am unlimited abundance

Continue allow yourself to breath easily, inhale and exhale.

Breath in the meditation sentence today

I am unlimited abundance,
 I am blissful happiness
 I am  exclusively well being,
 I am unconditional love,
 I am completely harmony,
 I am inner peace

 Now take deep breath into our today's centering  thought:

 I am unlimited abundance,
 I am blissful happiness
 I am  exclusively well being,
 I am unconditional love,
 I am completely harmony,
 I am inner peace

As we end the time if challenges, I leave you onetime final centering thought, which will serve as a wonderful reminder of our all have explore together.

 Every moment or  every day I live my life abundantly.

Trust anytime you can connect with the source, your true essence.


 Hi all, we made it to DAY 21 🌷🌷🌷

Sending it today for those who have kept the rhythm, but for everyone else please just continue and catch up to completion!

🌷Message for Day 21🌷

Are you familiar with the seven “switches” of happiness?

🌟 give to your neighbor
🌟 transmit (love & light)
🌟 let go (of things that do not serve you)
🌟 indulge (live life to the fullest)
🌟 give thanks
🌟 give yourself (be of service)
🌟 forgive

When these seven become part of your life, happiness will flow into it simply and easily.

Everything is energy and its flow must be circular and continuous in order to return abundance to you. This is how the law of reciprocity works.

Energy current ↔ influx/flow ↔ money/abundance

Keep your channels open and clean so that your energy can flow unhindered! Remember to stay present. This is YOUR time!

Your future is in your hands; you make choices and decisions every day, every moment.

How you use your time, with whom you spend it, and how you feel at every moment determines your life.

🌷Key TakeAways🌷

🌸 awareness
🌸 gratitude
🌸 recognition of value & abundance

🌷Task 🌷

Post to the group a video or audio describing your experience of journeying through these 21 days of plenty. (Or just write a message if you find it difficult to record video and audio.)

In the report, say (write):

- Your name

- Where you are from

- Yesterday you reflected on your journey up until this point. What were your results? What did you learn/gain from this experience?

- Did you like participating in this journey and moving towards abundance in a group stream?

- And tell us what you do in life, what you offer or tell us what ideas for projects you have.

Use all of your creative abilities, describing yourself and your experience. 🤩😇 And remember that brevity is the soul of wit. 🙂

‼ You have 48 hours to complete this task (to share your report) - Tuesday night ‼

🌷Phrase 🌷

Every moment of every day I live my life abundantly

🌷Mantra 🌷

So Hum
[23:18, 3/15/2020] +852 9365 1812: Day 18 done
[23:19, 3/15/2020] Fast Track Chatherine Leung: 🌷Day 21 Recap 🌷

1. Meditation: Listen to the audio. Repeat the mantra.

2. Write the phrase of the day in your notebook.

3. Complete the assignment - post a video or audio or message on your experience on this 21 day journey.

4. All of this is due by Tuesday night.

Send Day 21 Done when you complete the task and meditation! 🌷



Day 21 Abundance life is a choice and our birth right

Time flies. Just complete the 21 Abundance meditation challenge. Feeling Grateful, Resourceful, peaceful. Thanks for our group energy and supported so well by Catherine.

Self Affirmation, Self Hypnosis daily with
Every moment, every day I live my life abundantly.
I am unlimited abundance; I am blissful happiness
I am exclusively well being; I am unconditional love;
I am completely harmony; I am inner peace
I am my own master of life and my own choice.


I am unlimited abundance

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Today I treat myself to moment of luxury

When we truly experience love, we find ourselves



感恩踢走ego和焦虑 (跟 Dr Deepak學習冥想 系列)

My Diary on 21 Days of Abundance Meditation by Deepak Chopra

跟 Dr Deepak學習冥想, 共21 天。還在繼續,以下是我每次完成後的感想:

15 3 2020

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