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Eugene article on Wuhan Pneumonia

[13:58, 2/5/2020] Donna Wong 🌈😀: Received the response with thanks.

With all due respect, I would like to tell you what I think. I think the response is fundamentally based on significant normalcy bias and trust in doubtful and debunked official statistics.

There are things that are correct. The transmission vectors for nCov / betaCov / SARI / Wuhan Pneumonia are simple-fomites, aerosols and fecal-oral routes. Deceptively simple.

But: How often does the average person touch their face? How feasible is it to wash and / or sanitize hands after contact with each and every object? How feasible is it to sanitize each surface after every touch. How often does each person catch the annual flu or other respiratory illness each year? Is the supply of hand sanitizer, hygiene equipment and protective measures stable, available and sufficient for use?
The devil is in the details, in human error.
While exact figures are unlikely, there are confirmed and concrete reasons why it spreads quickly.

There is a comparison with the flu in the US, that Chinese sources like to state over and over again (ie. More people die from flu in US etc.).

Let me ask you this-
Why did the US, Russia and other nations tighten border controls on all non-citizens / residents?
Which nations are insisting on open borders and what do they have in common?
Why are untold tens of millions of Chinese people contained in cities under lockdown? Why seal off Beijing and key megacities?
Why build 2 major military hospitals (forced quarantine detention camps) in under 2 weeks?
Why try so hard to hide the true confirmed, suspected infected rates, death and recovery rates? (Eg. Looking back at mid-January, the underplaying is dead clear. Https:// -could-become-vectors-for-new-coronavirus-but-risk-low-say-china-health-authorities / story-nq7Zw5ALansdq12kRlTIeJ.html)
Why were healthcare professionals in China arrested immediately after they tried to disclose the medical facts about the virus as they professionally should have?
Why are major international airlines stopping their flights between China and international destinations?
Why has this spread so quickly?
Why do over ~ 60% of people support the medical workers strike and ~ 80% support tightening all borders and quarantine measures, in Hong Kong?

If this is just a "flu", this would not have been necessary.

So either every major government in the world and many people in China (and neighboring nations) are hyper and over-reacting to the epidemic and you are the only sane people, or there is some reason, interest, social circle that makes it difficult for you from seeing how novel the epidemic is, how unprecedented the worldwide response has been and how this poses a significantly greater health hazard to human beings, compared to the flu.

There is the implication that people in China are panicking and that is true. However, this is only because all information pertaining to the situation was not transparent, and every-time people are everything is fine, something was revealed to be far worse, or something deteriorated further.
There remains the implicit belief that "All people need to be controlled." And deducing from this, "All information must be controlled.". As a result, people panic, the state becomes more insecure and so the vicious cycle develops. Here, people are behaving rationally, with a system that has yielded optimal survival and reproduction rates since the dawn of self-propelled lifeforms.

Looking forward, more and more people are actively seeking out the truth in decentralized and agile ways, fact-checking for ourselves in a world filled with false and irrelevant information. We are becoming more rational and resilient than ever.

If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time.
To conclude, I would like to offer 3 recommendations that I personally have found useful, especially in the past year:
1. Please practice active listening / reading and question the assumptions, people involved, intentions and sources, with a state of calm mindfulness. These yield the most insight when w
[13:58, 2/5/2020] Donna Wong 🌈😀: Eugene's article 👆


有些事情是正確的。 nCov / betaCov / SARI /武漢肺炎的傳播載體很簡單-毒氣,氣溶膠和糞-口途徑。看似簡單。



讓我問你一下 -
為什麼要努力隱藏真實的確診率,懷疑感染率,死亡率和恢復率? (例如,回顧1月中旬,情況不明朗。 say-china-health-authorities / story-nq7Zw5ALansdq12kRlTIeJ.html)





[13:58,2/5/2020] Donna Wong🌈😀:尤金的文章Eu

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