Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Personality Game ( personality tests)  BIG FIVE

To find who you are

Where are we now?

What is our strength /potential and weakness/room for improvement?

How you can make maximum use of your personality merits and potential to make yourself a better person;

Most personality theory/methods and tests are based on big data, statistic, computer analysis and they don't tell you that you are nothing, so you can be everything;

None of them tell your health conditions, aging are changing your personality? or make your very unique person?

None of them are individualized, humanized? 人性化,个人化?

None of them tells you what is your current challenge and how you can use your subconscious and conscious  insights to find your personality beauty and overcome your personality limitation and to make a change.

If you think you are just this type or wing that type, you are locked yourself in the prison that you cannot jump out to find more of yourself, an unlimited resource and potential of yourself.

That is why narrative therapy /story therapy and dream therapy can make up the loops.

Dream and story therapies are based on interaction between therapists and clients.  A detailed conversation and discussion. Not based on questionnaires.

Is there any fix personality?

Are personality static or dynamic ?

Partly static traits but some are changeable!
based on big five

A new study led by Northwestern Engineering’s Luis Amaral sifted through data from more than 1.5 million questionnaire respondents to find at least four distinct clusters of personality types exist — average, reserved, self-centered and role model — challenging existing paradigms in psychology.

16 Personality Test



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