Friday, May 24, 2019


[8:00 PM, 5/16/2016] +852 9030 6536: i found my transformation in instant emotion management accidentally in recent mediation between my parents. This made me understand what empathy, compassion, loving really  means.

I shared with my son and the friend that, if we still have resentment, complaint, helpless feeling, victim feeling or frustration wherever we see our parents or intimate partner, who have anger with someone,or during their own arguments, we will imprint into our subconscious mind, accusation causes shadow, negative belief, and hidden trauma, which easily cast to people around , bosses, colleagues, intimate friends, families, relationship issues are inevitable.

My exp. is to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling, emotion, not being enrolled is to separate Emotion with persons, to see intention and human nature , most of the time, it is from LOVE, Kindness behind the irrational behaviors. But behavior is driven by emotion, that is not the wholeness of a person.So i can have a peaceful mind,forgive people,and understand the scene behind people arguments , just like dream interpretation and dream healing process.

I use personal stories to interpret dreams, use collective subconscious mind , people wisdom to do dream analysis. Narrative therapy with forgiving stories is used often in my therepeutical practice.

This is called forgiving process, i gave this a name.

Forgiving is very powerful.

i learnt this from my parents originally, and some deep experiences from people and myself always inspire me to move forward because of forgiveness.
 As i often have been forgiven by people around me, like you.
 So i am empowered by people who forgive me as well.
[8:02 PM, 5/16/2016] +852 9030 6536: 情绪疏导和管理, 梦境治疗起到很大作用
[8:14 PM, 5/16/2016] +852 9030 6536: from this dream study case and ny parents case, i found that problem and nightmares are not problems, how to see problem, nightmares is probably a big problem.
Attitude is everything.
[8:17 PM, 5/16/2016] +852 9030 6536: i found quite some divoiced couples seldom argue , just depressed themselves.
Arguments sometimes make problems clearly understood, people intention to solve problems is the key.
[8:25 PM, 5/16/2016] +852 9030 6536: i am soo happy to see u getting more well prepared for a new life👍❤
[8:26 PM, 5/16/2016] +852 9030 6536: thanks for listening me and empowering me.

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