Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Courage of life in dreams


Today a friend shared her dream with me again. I was amazed to find insights from her dreams that is totally different from they were seen on the surface.

Dreams reflect our daily emotions and that might be repressed but it during sleep, the unfinished business is going on in your dreams in movie  or story ways, processing solutions to resolve it  or  remind us to face it, otherwise, something will be happening as we don't want to see or hurt us more. Our resources show we always manage to solve them despite a bit worry at first.

I learnt from people's dreams as well as my dreams: anxiety and optimistic attitude are always come in pair to help us to balance. The positive intention is the key for us to see our dreams, esp. unpleasant dreams on the surface.  We will finally overcome the trouble or uncertainty if we go to details to see our dreams.

The details of a plan, while seeming insignificant, may contain hidden problems that threaten its overall feasibility.

Devil in the details, 魔鬼就在細節中。這個俚語在心理治療工作中卻代表著深度的探索,催眠解夢和敘事,都是講究細節,有幅度和深度的細節,之後,我們看到的內在自己是那麽有資源,有力量的,可以說是美麗就在細節中。

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