Wednesday, September 21, 2016

RUNDOWN 《夢境治療與睡眠失調》工作坊


DP representative to announce the 感恩日的活动详情和这次工作坊的筹款目的 and introduce Jenny to have a briefing of tonight workshop ( welcome Jenny…)

    MC Jenny the workshop organizer from our DREAM TEAM  to introduce
    1)  workshop main messages   
2 Donna’s profile – an example of her Quote: Turn sleep dreams into life transformation,  
3Jenny will share her dream healing enlightenment and self-development a bit,買個關子, to make people intrigued in the following processes - later we have more sharing from people who have recovered from their sleep issues by using their nightmares (夢境療愈自己的睡眠和身心症狀), stand up from their nightmare 从噩梦中站起来, or learnt so much from their dreams, turn sleep dream insights life breakthroughs, actions,  passions…

Our targets: To make people think:

·       夢意味著什麼
·       夢到底在表達什麼信息?
·       夢對身體、心理的影響
·       夢境治療與睡眠失調之间有什么关系
·       如何利用夢境轉化負面情緒,如何用夢境提升心理質素?
·       如何利用夢境解決失眠問題?如何提升睡眠質素?
·       為什麼學習自己的夢境對自己身體和精神健康有切身的利益?
·       一个源源不绝,自我療愈,自我成長的內在資源

To bring critical thinking ideas as an inspiration to audience to connect with their
dreams, subconscious world. 
(welcome Donna….)

          Short Waling Meditations 2 by 2 discussion about their own feelings, issues and ideas about dreams and sleep problems.
      Donna sharing and PPT presentation discussionsself-reflection by writing in the worksheet and people will share out.

     Dream insights sharing by using interview: Jenny CKElaine Bessie Clement and Fiona . 
     The sequence may be not the same, and if time allowed, hope everyone can share and audience can ask questions in between.  Time control is the key to make every sharing come to points. Interview style and short talk are considered.

Hypnosis process (check if we have time)
      Feedback sheet completion

           Q and A , Big sharing

     A group Photo taking for DP as  a record

A draft for discussion. 

21 9 2016

By Donna 


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