Sunday, October 16, 2022

Follow my dream Q& A 怎樣知道夢解的對不對?

 10 years ago, I had a dream and I have been following my dream:

To help people to release their potential and to turn their dreams
( sleep dreams and non sleep dreams) into power and reality.
Q& A 怎樣知道夢解的對不對?
解夢的答案不是求完美,不是自圓其說,而是要忠實,透徹,問下自己為什麼在這個時候會有這個夢,在夢中見到這個人,或者這個東西,而不是另一個人,另一個東西,得到的答案可能好振撼!不被表面所模糊,追得越深,感覺越真實,那就是要的答案了。For more:

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