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Dear all,
Let’s thanks to Bessie’s great effort to present us such detail notes and her thoughts about he course

It is a gift to our classmates and our supporter:

Clement, KC, Elaine , Dr Lam, Eugene, Miliza

With Gratitude to Pheabe and Jenny, who are our coaches and supporters. Without your effort we could not have such deep heart and soul journey!
Also thanks to Mr Alfred Wong.

Thank you Bessie, and all of you, your are all TURNING SLEEP DREAMS INTO LIFE TRANSFORMATION. JUST AMAZING! 


26 7 2016

9-Jul-16                                                  Day One Workshop
(1)   Dream & Hypnosis is the bridge towards subconscious.
Logical and emotional analysis based on: visual, listening, sense, theory and writing, then conscious and subconscious can be well jointed together to understand the human story.

(2)   A Self Coaching process can:
You engage yourself
 You enlighten yourself
 You direct yourself
You motivate yourself
Together use with shadow psychological course and Healing course

(3)   Dream is from your outside world to look into your inside. The blinding point can be found in dream that can help you to improve decision making. In order to be away from blinding point, set it free and make it become truth.
(4)   Why there is a big difference between dream and reality?
Like cat and Lion
This is the matter how you see yourself and what other view you. How others see you is not important. How yourself view is everything. Listen to your body above all other voices and need the balance amongst body, soul and mind via
Awareness, reflection, exploration, Discover and Development process
Dream Therapy is a self-coaching system to solve your immediate situation.
Who am I?
Where I come from?
Where am I, what position?
What do I need?
What kind of human lessons I need to learn?
What challenge do I need to confront?
What is the meaning of my life?
(5)   Use Art Expressive Arts Therapy Card to find daydream, illusions to project self -image in mind.

(6)   Sigmund Freud – psychoanalyst introduce unconscious with respect.
Human suppress wish, dream and inner ability
Human are divided into 3 parts ID (instincts), ego (reality) & superego (morality)
*Ref to slide
Why emotion exploring or nightmares? Because of beach ball effect victim and prosecutors created

(7)   Interpreting dream is to understand ones feeling via dream that use imagination to express out. This is a good practice  and use good thinking method and use clear mind to interpret internal world and your own heart words. Listen to your inner voice, you are so brave that you dare to touch your inner voice.

(8)   After nature and huge disaster, dream analysis interpret is very useful. It can help sleeping disorder, depression and grief. This can addiction to bad habit like smoking, diabetes, eating habit, weight management and sleep. These can be solved by hypnosis.

(9)   Find ways to come out of grief, speak the whole life story and find the key point to solve the problem, to live the life of you dream. Dream is like a minor speak inside with your heart. Conscious and subconscious dis-chord and depress body. All these can be expressed in dream and tell us therefore we should listen to our inner voice and request. Inside the dream has dark, emotional, creative, kind, weakness and wishes that can be drawn together. Each dream is a seed that can be grown and asking for change and want to awake us to really change and made us live comfortable and healthy and meaningful. Everyone has the unlimited resource and use subconscious to solver own problem and to create our dream.  * Ref to slide

(10)          Find the trigger and shadow *Ref to slide
Shadow is the fear towards things that are unable to control and fear arisen. This is the darkness place that people do not want to face. Need strong courage to face instead of suppressing
Use normal heart to view thing (not control mode) and use forgive attitude to accept, use calm mood to settle and fear will be disappeared and have power to go forward again

(11)          Dream Therapy Key Elements: A.B.O.U.T. (detail refer to hand out)
A-    Attitude: Empathy, open mind, curiosity, trust yourself, your dream power preserve for truth and transformation.
If any painful in your dream: big pressure need to release, eager feeling is heard by dream. Through dream comes to protect us, to compensate what we need and to remind us.
B-     Basic Knowledge (use intuition: feel what you feel in the dream) Biological and psychological knowledge
O – The layers of dreams – onion - VIEWCSP
T – Techniques
       Background Trigger (find original source), feeling in dreams and feeling after awaking ( feeling in and out), find symbols and metaphor, free association, deep reflection, Latest content, character, super-self, value, intention effort, weak and strength, belief and Potential

(12)          Dream Construction
Dream composed of hiding or suppressing things, find connection points, dream comes to solve our problem but dream is under censorship
It composed self, ego and super ego
Displacement thing or people
Internal Conversation
Project good (golden shadow) or bad things (dark shadow)
Five Senses like hearing, smelling…
Manifesting dream content covers latest dream content

(13)          Hypnosis on dream interpretation process (use quiet internal heart to interpret dream)
Close eye, take your breath and re-think again of your dream and think all the details and feelings
-        Are you the main character or observer? (Background)
-        Place/human/time/background/color/ process (Background)
-        What conversation spoken (Focus)
-        Any strange things (sentence, human, picture, scene, action) (Focus)
-        What is the feeling and emotion of the dream? (All)
-        Think other connecting points any related to past experience/feeling experienced (Association and Discover)
-        What do you think of after the dream, any related to reality? (Associate)
-        What is the underneath reason why this dream happened? (Background & Associate)
-        Extend your thinking and what is your wishes
-        What kind of things suppressed and hiding?
-        What do you want and make dream comes truth?

(14)          Collective and Individual subconscious mind
Think, self-completed, compensation and warning
For-seeking, target and extension for dreaming link

(15)          Frederick Pearls
Contain reject of darkness area
Everything is a part
Every character and object in a dream an aspect of self
 He believes that each dream is unique

(16)          Gestalt Therapy
Background, Life Purpose, most like or dislike, fear, desire, personal experiment and move forward

(17)          Through dream can see through, cure and transformation
confirm oneself, do you enlarge your fear
repeated dream maybe some body problem– try dream, analysis to find it out first
Dream is internal body and related to character, job related, same dream can have different meaning
Follow your dream then know your ways need
After dream therapy can solve sleeping problem, worry, devoice, separation and family relationship

(18)          Sleep Stage  (refer to slide)
Stage 1 Dream not clear
Stage 2 Under Hypnosis dream created 4-16 times per second
Stage 3 & 4 DEEP SLEEP: cell cleaning up and temperature slow down and self-recovery
REM: muscle relax heart beat increase, sleep in depth under stage REM, in which lots of insightful dreams happen, esp. shadow, emotion dreams.
There are 4-5 dream per night if sleep for around 8 hours. The later part dream is longer, more complete and can remember easily.
There is a lesson in a life, need to reflect, increase motion and express feeling from suppression and communicate with internal mind.
Use dreams’ creative insights to solve problem: self-respect, have faith and self-value, eager, dream and brave enough to overview and uplift oneself and live in a real self.

Remark for Day 2 

workshop: Baby – 80% is dreaming, the smaller the more dream baby has
1/3 people do not sleep well and therefore have high pressure, 60% of people unaware of sleeping problem
Too many dreams not good, need to solve or have not enough sleep
If uneasy dream, then need to know the problem

(19)          In order to have dream , Sleep well and create more energy
Repeated the same dream must have a problem need to solve it
       Keep continue, royal, logic and analysis dream. All the things in our dream is in fact the reality
Dream is a fortune teller and has result and reason related to prepare for the future
Is it a warning? Fore-seeking? Creative? Solve problem? Leading way? Your eager? Your Potential? Mirror Effect? Bad dream can tell you things you need to prepare in advance.
      Each person should emphasis body needs and internal needs do not use conscious use fair
      Relationship and let go authority.
     Problem solving: need to find a substitute thing in order to analysis the dream

(20)         A Shark Dream
Self-awareness, revised and cure
         B Eagle Dream
    A dream is a letter from our heart to our heart. Dream’s circumstance is determined by oneself. If you review your dream and find reflection, then you can develop hints from dream and you can get the greatest value.

10-Jul-16                                 Day Two Workshop
21)Learning by 4 Mat study method
(A) What if? Self-healing follow dream and do transformation
(B)   Why? Dream Interpretation and therapy is important
Perform and Refine (Utilization)
Attend and connection (Attitude & Basic)
(C) How? Use skills technique and step
(D)  What? Dream Therapy Definition, Layers of meaning and functions
                                       External and Practice (Onion Layers & Techniques)
       Image and concept (Basic)

22) How to remember dream and sleep well?
Sleep enough, mark it down, dream is a resources, sleep better, know your real mind, find out the inserting point
Dream study is a science about our neurology, biology, medicine, psychology and spirituality
       Need to organize dream first then mark down> Hypnosis to go back to the dream

23) Ghost dream refer to slide
Bad mood, worry and suppression and has problem
Brain active during sleeping and elusion comes out after muscle relax
Your spirit comes out because conscious and subconscious happened together (refer to slide)
Stairs following (refer to slide) deadline approaching, pressure and bad habit

24) Childhood shadow – inner child issue -100 ways (refer to handout)

25) My inner self triangle effect: body, mind and spirituality bring your dreams to think the dream insights from body mind and spiritually.
Sleeping good quality (body) & Emotion Quality (heart) & dream passive spirit quality (spirit)

26) Depression can create nightmare
Self-healing from nightmare. Use writing to heal, self-education from dreams. Life is a process to learn acceptance to accept that things the way they are and to make the best of it. Then we can move forward
Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their own unconscious...Patience are people who had too much programming - so much outside programming that they have lost touch with their INNER SELVES.
90% spiritual problem person has the disease because heart and internal loss connection. Lost touch of internal, find external thing to cover little content of inner self need to solve bad dream. Like Knife have 2 sides: one side help you positively and the other side sickness everywhere negatively.

27) Self-Protective system
if suppress oneself then the real fact is hiding, reject things and twist the fact, eventually terminate the transform process
want to above all negative things so spiritually sad things and tension create worry and develop some dream.
A)   Sexuality opposition- everyone has female and male characters by birth
A CASE: He is man but dream he was a woman
She is woman but cream she was a man.
B)     Wearing mask: Prefect Mask
C)   Shadow: if hidden depth then greedy emotion crazy things developed. Bow one own shadow, darkness need to listen, see and understand > turn to bright then able to accept the shadow> shadow disappear
D)    Worry
E)     Super self then spiritually power-up oneself
Repression – not accept by the society then repress and show in dream. If not settled, then affect behavior
Project some think you do not like towards other people in the dream

28) How to deal with original family relationship issues
Draw a family chart, list out all the family members belonged to rescuer, victim and prosecutor
Better to know the family background: control? Perfectionist? Blame? Always reject approach?
Find which points you felt emotionally?
What is your internal swear when you were small? This swear can affect your life
<<One feeling, one belief , one decision >>
This subconscious inner swear is the key point to make decision that affect your future plan.

29) Sharing from Pheabe :
She gives much love and control of his son because she missed the love from mother, she releases pressure can improve relation by understanding the role of all family member, improve relationship by writing letter. A transformation proceed is developing.

30) Outside triangle: Drama Triangle
a)    Rescuer: need people to agree, care of them, need their power and respect him <Justice Hero Type> No reward, need to listen more and take care of oneself well
b)    Victim: very dependent, no confidence, need to re-understand the value of oneself. Eventually hurt himself
c)    Prosecutor: I have no problem and pass to other, eventually hurt himself
All 3 parts needed to be balanced so need to review each day and ask why I belong to a certain type on a particular day.
Please refer to DONNA BLOG at The Power of Forgiveness

A power process with forgiveness, confession, love and gratitude. We can use it to remind us of our 100% responsibility of our life (refer to slide from WhatsApp)

33) Dream Wisdom Exploration Card (Refer to pdf note)

34) Do Background data collection first then can use:

Step 1: Preparation card
Step 2: Clarification card
Step 3: Focusing Card
Step 4: Association Card
Step 5: Discovery Card

35) Clement’s Dream Case study

Donna 分享:

Clement 的轉化,再次證明解夢是心理和心靈的提升過程。解夢,清除陰影,恐懼,大大減少精神壓力,提高睡眠質素!




Dreams usually implies our problem  issues that we need to admit, accept, then we can have choices to solve it. That is called Dreams are our guild of problem solving. Or turn dreams insight into life transformation.
4 A
action for change

4 steps in Dream Therapy

Without actions, the dreams will repeat or go on in sequels like TV pop shows

With actions, our dreams will improve to next level like we are growing up😊😊😊


 解夢不是满足好奇心,為做而做,而是來提升自己的心理質素。由於情緒夢是長期的壓抑或問題的結晶,所以不可以平空估計,而是與真實的現況緊緊相扣,所以真的要有耐心,極好的機會訓練自己的聆聽力。 CK, 你有同感嗎?

最後,我們發現, 夢是來告訴我們白天看不到的東西,聽不到的聲音,或被壓抑,被遺忘的東西,或尚未就覺得問題!有的是自己的,有的是別人的,但都和自己有重要的關係!夢是來解決問題的!是要我們脫離這些不能自控的感覺,不能自在的狀態,不能平靜,心理和身體平衡的包袱! move forward!

我自己的夢境也如此,走進夢境,讀懂夢境,就可以少出盲點,因為盲點經常是陰影的產物。 !明白自己最不想要的就是矛盾的自己,身心靈不合一的自己。然後問自己,你想要得自己是怎樣的?怎樣才能做到喜歡的自己,答案就在夢境裡。


Reference reading:

I feel lighter and happy!靜心! 靜身!達標!

I collected your ideas on Bessie dream study cases and the feedback on the course here. It is your effort to make the course successful and fruitful. It is a gift to me to inspire me to move ahead. Turn shadow into Life transformation 

What you need really?


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