Monday, July 25, 2016

The power of Forgiveness - Meditation on Forgiveness power

這是我2014 年的 作品,一個自我療癒的旅程
My Hypnosis process on Forgiveness process 

整個過程,是對自己一個極大的鞭策和提升。如果有一天我仍有受害者的念頭, 仍由內疚, 我都需要做Forgiving Process
Forgiving is an attitude and a state of mind.
渴望通過做Forgiving Process及感恩,令自己每天都清鬆自在,不帶包袱。
每天都看到一個不一樣的自己,不一樣的別人,不一樣的世界。Move forward.
Hypnotherapy is the bridge connecting the lands of knowing and realizing。 


In the class of DREAM THERAPY, we did an experiment called DRAMA TRIANGLE. We found sometimes we are victims, some times we are prosecutors. How to get rid of the feeling of victims? If we are not victims, we will not be the prosecutors. Take the full responsibility of ourselves!
"When a deep injury is done to us, we will never recover until we forgive, Forgiveness does not change the past. But it does enlarge the future." ~Mary Karen Read
Hate the sins, love the sinners...

A video it makes me cry......YOU KILLED MOM

People ask me, "By hypnotherapy, could you help me to delete traumatic memory, memory of people they hate and events they make me sleepless? "

I think we can not delete any memory but ask if I really want to get out of the psycho-prison. If yes, probably forgiveness is the most powerful way - forgiving others means free ourselves.

Forgive is not to accept the behavior but the people, forgiveness cannot change the past but open the door of freedom ...... a life long learning: Forgiveness is an attitude and a state of mind.

Almost everyday we can use FORGIVENESS to clean our dark Shadow, to be freer ourselves.

In my recent course Shadow Psychology, YY Sir gave us a deep talk and hypnosis on Forgiveness Power. Here is the notes..……

25 7 2016

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