Friday, July 8, 2016

A letter to my teacher of SHADOW Psychology and Therapies

Dear YY Sir,

Last night class was really interesting.

I was so happy to see our group members were deeply engaged in dream study and opened up to see their fear, worry, guilt, embarrassment and also so pleased to see their golden shadow, love, caring and kindness.

Finally we finished two practice. One was very frightening on the surface but so deep in meaning, a profound insight which surprise d to everyone and me as well.

In the first dream, we found there are several layers of meanings:

1 self esteem, how to see people's value on dreamer, who takes care of a young boy to buy food. Embarrassment is the key of the dreams.
2 caring mind and love heart 
3 Looking for love, age issue and how to keep ourselves in fit conditions

In the second dream, the horrible body turns out to be a passion to be die because of the policy change to be launched.

The key sentence is I should not have known it. Don't look at it. Showing helpless, out of self control, Also remind her to decide her future.

Another classmate dream was even more horrible, that told her to face mistakes in the future. Her guilt made her very uneasy and I found dreams always ask for : what is next?




正如Carl Jung 所說:

I was so lucky to know you and this course.

First, very few trainers can use such interactive ways to do coaching course. mostly a lot lectures.

有什麼事情沒有解決或每有答案,交給潛意識,交給夢吧。我也是這樣。很多ppt,ideas是夢中的brainstorming and 句子,所以好有共鳴。



8 7 2016

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