Monday, January 18, 2016

Wendy second healing process with Zero Limits, Self Affirmation and relaxation process

Dear Wendy

It was amazing to hear you conclusion
today you found you could focus on physically relaxation by applying deep breathing, making peace with yourself and connect with your inner self, your inner child.
You started to use imagination to relax yourself  and to do self affirmation to find ur own strength and beautiful character.

Here is a saying u can use and relaxation hypnosis for u to practice.

Self  hypnosis  practice

Here is Zero Limits application

All are the power of Zero Limits in my daily life or my practice.
3 We used  Zero Limits to sort out the issue, to have a heart to heart dialogue with your ex boyfriend.

During this therapy, you got to know your own faults, realised how important communication skills, it is not what u said but what people received. You asked him to forgive you and in return, you can forgive yourself. You found the 7 year love story is not a waste of time but a learning process - a growing up process in your life, or it can be said it is your life lessons, your fate, It is a gift of your life. Everyone has his own life lessons, even a president. When you know how to thank a person who once hurt you or you hurt him, you can thank anything in your life and gain resources around you. That is the power of gratitude.

To deal with loneliness, it is just like to deal with fear, weakness or 

nightmares, that is to embrace it. Here is the articles we have read in the 


I think you can read slowly and repetitively , not just once, but more times like a reading hypnosis. I am teaching u to be your own hypnotherapist. You can when u do it daily and u will be an very good healer to help more people, to love more people and find your Mr Right.  

 Just to remind self today whole process to find the value of the 7 years exp and other exp. in your life, from England trip, lost child , and Zero limits, u got so much value in yourself, that is the key to fill in the emptiness, to get rid of a terrible  void feeling inside you.

To get connect with your own huge power, that is the energy to drive you move forward.

Thank you, I love you, Wendy.

18 1 2016

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