Saturday, August 1, 2020


讓孩子感受生命的力量和價值,爸爸帶殘疾孩子一起跑馬拉松,鐵人三項賽,無條件的愛, 原来是这样的

The family, the father with compassionate and unconditional loving spirit made the son a miracle as well. A handicap person in wheelchair ,who can't speak but he can help many disable people in finding better technology , with his disabilities as trial.

Turn disabilities into advantage and potential.
無限可能性,只要有創意, 有毅力, 有愛

A good friend says:

One of the most inspiring real live story. An extraordinary father and son, unbelievable decision and life journey. Nothing is impossible in life.

1 8 2020

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