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Use INNER GUIDE to Solve Emotional Issue

28 8 2013

This is the second time to use INNER GUIDE and inner child concept to deal with the issue of our damaged car.

Just days ago, whenever the BMW appeared in my mind, my eyes would fill with tears. It has been with us for six years with lots of fun, joy and so much learning. The more I drove it, the more I loved it. 

But inside my sorrow, I could see my connection to the car is a symbol of a love and deep concern of my family.

I know INNER GUIDE can help me to face my sadness and grief towards it.

After falling into trance of self-hypnosis, I felt my INNER GOLDEN SHADOW - the GREAT MOTHERS - MS Louise Hey appeared in front of me. She was smiling to me, holding my hands. Suddenly a surge of warm current flowed into my head down through my body and limbs.

What did Ms Louise Hey said to me? 

She said:

Sometimes a tragedy on surface can turn out to be a beautiful, momentous event in life. 

I think so. But how? 

She said first, accept the fact, no matter whatever the reason was.
Acceptance is a great power one has to build. If you don’t have the power of acceptance then you will not be able to be in tune with life. You will be in conflict with life.

Second, forgive the driver. There must be a reason for the incident. Give him time to reflect, to be aware of his inner shadow. There are lots of struggles and pain when facing one’s vulnerability. All we need to give him is love and care, treating him as an inner child of yourself, giving him confidence and support. That is enough.

Third, express your direct feeling without emotion and show your empathy to his suffering. 

I realized that if I don't forgive him, I cannot forgive myself. I am hurting myself. That is stupid! The only way to stop hurting myself is to forgive him, to take care of his emotion in more compassionate way.

Through this process, I was relieved a lot. The strong self can only be built when facing our own vulnerability. From type A to H, here I found the key.

Then, it comes to Acceptance, Action and Appreciation (3A from DP) that helped me to further delete negative emotions and be more aware of my own shadow, as well as the valuable resources in my subconscious mind.

Now what I need to improve most is to cultivate myself with more compassion and forgiving mindset  Then I can be wise/tough enough to face daily challenges and empower myself and others to live at CAUSE. 

The gift that I received from the hypnotic inner guide process is -

Emotion is a signal from our subconscious mind that tries to push us to take care of it, face it, solve it and let it go so that we can  MOVE FORWARD. 

Dear Ms Louise Hay, you say to us in the book: 

"You can heal your life". 

I couldn't agree more.

Everyone has an ability to solve their problems once they face their inner selves. 

Everyone can be their best healer, best coach. 

Yes, I can! 


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