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Time management is priority management

“The most overlooked skill of highly successful people…”


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Aug 18, 2018, 1:07 AM (3 days ago)
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Hey Donna,

It’s Friday and the weekend is almost here…

Quick question…

Do you get it all done?

You know, you’re task list, to-do list, results list or whatever you call it that you had planned to for this week?

If you’re like most people you don’t.

Not even close.

It doesn’t matter if you use a Covey planner, a top of the line time management app or gone agile and are using a prioritised backlog…

… successful people know there is always more to do.

Much more than they can get done in a single day.

So what do successful people do better than those who achieve much less?

There are several interlocking components, but today I want to zoom in on perhaps the most overlooked skill of highly successful people.

“What’s that?”

Priortising their day.

Most of us whizz right past it on the rush to get started on the ‘stuff’ we need to get done.


Failing to priortise your hour, day, week is what results in getting to the end of your week with a whole lot of activities done, but not much progress.

Ever had a week like that?

Or a year?

If so today would be a good day for disrupting yourself and re-configuration your inner programming.

(Or risk repeating the same all over come Monday…)

When you priortise your hour, day, week; you achieve a level of focus and results that you can’t believe you were capable of.

So take a moment now to review your week.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you ahead or behind?
  • Did you make real progress on your goals or are you looking at a lot of activity but not much in terms of tangible results?
And if you’re behind, think back…

  • Did you priortise your hours, day, week?
You see the thing is, there is always a decision about what we make important.

For most it’s not done consciously.

Many people have fallen in to the habit of not choosing, not directing, not taking ownership of one of our most important resources…

Our choices.

So we accept what shows up and say “that will do.”

Even if what we get is far below our potential… if we simply made a few small changes.

Thankfully you can.

It all starts with awareness.

Assess how weak or strong are your “prioritisation muscles”?

- How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?

If it’s 5 or below, you’ve got a wealth of opportunity you can unlock. Choose one action today you’re going to implement to win the day, everyday going forward and setup an anchor so you can begin to build the habit.

If you’re 6-8, you’re on the road to greater success; what can you do to unlock even more value from each action you take?

If you’re 9 or 10; keep it up and think bigger. How can you delegate more of what you’re doing to others so the system you’re creating can create greater levels of success for you and those in your tribe?

Try this out for yourself. One small change that can work WONDERS.

And if you are interested in learning productivity tips and strategies for how to embed this principle in to your daily behaviour and many others to increase your productivity, click here to let me know.

Have an awesome weekend,

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