Monday, September 25, 2017

Reading materials for IVE Career Planning by Dream therapy and Life Stories

IVE Career Planning by Movie Therapy
Donna's movie review and movie workshop Reflections summary

聆聽生命故事, 活出生命的渴望!(IVE 2016  (IVE 2016

Career Planning Workshop for IVE - The Power of Signature Story


解夢療愈與生涯規劃的關係 Dream Therapy v.s. Career Planning

How to turn passion into profession (IVE Career Planning Workshop)

讚美別人,活出自己 (IVE Career Planning Workshop)

雲梯夢 - 從昂坪360 到解夢360

Club O的《夢境治療和睡眠失調》工作坊录音和Power Points Slides


如何減少發噩夢的機會 -夢與情緒、身體健康 - 1


跳出夢境!活出真實的自己!( 解夢的意义在哪里?)




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