Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to build a loving-flow family

Dear E

Last night, we had a rather relaxing, free talk to update our recent life - learning , self-development …..

1 Love flow in family

How to cultivate a feel being loved, feeling an energy flow, love-flow, compassion within a family?

Our sharing brought a message that how parents see life, see difficulties, deal with hardship and respect individual difference affect children development in character building, beliefs and future development seriously.

I found in our coming workshops, a sharing of childhood is a good idea in showing how childhood and original family impact our child’s adulthood.

Eventually we found it is how we see, accept ourselves, how deeply we know ourselves and how deeply we love ourselves; a process of finding who we are, a process of building a positive self-esteem so that we can become our emotion master.

2 Hypnosis

I am glad you are so interested in hypnosis and learn more about it.

In recent 30 years, hypnosis has been applied as one of the best coaching technique and also as an alternative medical cure, finding causes of diseases, finding ways to heal self while curing our diseases, finding inner peace and keep a balanced life, not just for sleep management and relaxation.

For my understanding, hypnosis is a state, where people can totally focus into an exploration, study, and activities in a fully relaxation and enjoyment.

This is the best learning state, in such a pureness, inner tranquility, creativity flows freely, self-refection and self-healing , problem solving  become much more active than exposure to inner , out noises, limited decisions and beliefs, negative complaints....
I think this is our ideal state from daily life to career, individual healing.

Thank you for your time and grateful that our sharing, reminded me of lots of original. essential elements to be a better person….


17 1 2017

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