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潜行凶间电影有感 Movie Review on Inception


About the Movie 

Movie review:


今天在看這個電影,很有感受,原來整個電影就是一個夢境治療的過程。主角對太太的自殺,非常內疚,Implanting ideas into subconscious mind that they can live happily and romantically ever after no matter where they are and when they are. His wife believes later death is the best place to have such lasting, strong love. That is reality, not a dream. She wants his husband to go to such heaven together but refuses as Cobb is not stay calm and awake.

太太甚至用遺書 陷害Cobb,要Cobb 和他一起去死。

Cobb 內心的煩惱,憤怒,內疚和對太太的愛交纏一起,夢中經常見到太太,回到浪漫,但清醒是有充滿恐懼,經常有幻覺,看到太太出來搗亂,要找他的命!令他不能好好正常的工作,面對挑戰。


他意識到,他的幻覺 “思覺失調”和噩夢,會嚴重影響工作。只有原諒自己,原諒過去,原諒太太,真正擁抱太太,放下內疚,原諒別人, 為的是原諒自己。否則,將可怕的“太太”, 又深愛的太太鎖在心理,其實是在毀滅自己!



This is what I am doing: from dream to reality, we see it is the same! The thing is to identify fear and to conquer fear and change people from Nightmares to normal, gradually creating inspiring Dreams.

The strongest message i got is To forgive Self is to let go of guilt that might otherwise kill Us
To forgive others is to set us free and to embrace others, 修復關糸,no matter death or alive the other is, healing the deep gap between, so we can set us free and move forward.

The dream itself is a magic dream therapy to heal Cobb himself.

The therapy really works by Telling his secret, truth of the death of his wife. It is exactly what i am doing in my Dream Therapy, esp. in individual sections.

People choose to lock the secret, that is called Shadow by forgetting them, denying, but dreams, their emotion choose to recall shadow,no matter in dreams or in waking time , project shadow again and again..

Until face the reality when doing dream analysis, reflections, we can see a whole picture, to find solutions, make a change, wake up...
Carl Jung said approximately,
See outside, Dreams
See inside, awake
One sentence is soo profound in the movie and in dream therapy i use as,well:
In Dreams, we see reality
In reality, we stay dreaming

Cobb's issue solves through  healing himself by identifying problems, it is not other's but himself. Finally his dream, to reunions with his kids comes true!

There is an idea it repetitive like hypnosis, but Soo True:

Once an idea implanted into subconscious mind, it can change one' character, behavior and life. No matter positive or negative. Especially one feeling, one decision in childhood and teenage time

 Dreams Do come True as long as we remove the psychological traps set by ourselves...

Implant ideas are not that difficult when we understand the operation mechanism of Subconscious mind.

This is what I am doing to change people from Nightmares to normal, gradually creating inspiring Dreams.

6 8 2016

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