Saturday, August 13, 2016

A dream is a heart desire - 吹夢的巨人- 我的反思和影评


The BFG,the big friendly giant, 吹夢的巨人,神秘,可愛,善良,正直,勇敢的智慧老人!




這些指導性的東西,inception into our daily life,每時每刻影響我們的行為舉止和決定!





Just watched the new movie, 吹萝的巨人, a BFG, Big Friendly Giant. just released yesterday!Could‘t wait to tell you how excited I was, just like the main character, a little girl, Sophie!

It is all about dreams and how they affect human, extremely thrilling but excited. Many insights are delivered in my course but the movie expresses them in a superbly intriguing story .

夢境的想像力可以去到几盡?Just watch your dreams, they are so coincident maybe!

After watching it, I just found I am a dream catcher as well, helping people to catch their dreams and listen to their dream talks! I am so happy I have been doing something to benefit people by letting them understanding their dream world.
This movie inspire me to continue catching dream insights, to chase dreams and to fulfill dreams.

If you trust the beauty of your dreams, your dreams always come true!

Dreams, a heart desire, no matter nightmares or pleasant, sweet, fantasy dreams, just like the great giant super kind man. All dreams intend to deliver love messages and kindness, though they pretend to be crazy or funny or nasty ways most of time.

夢境的CREATIVITY可以去到几盡?Please watch the movie and you can do it by yourself if you know your dream power!

The BFG, your children's dreamland in the movie probably. So lovely, creative, kind giant, so adventurous little girl... bring kids to watch the dream movie, they will have tons questions to ask and tons of creative topics to explore, growing up in early time to understand inner self better, love and courage, how to turn Sleep Dreams into Reality, all in it...

JUST Follow your dreams, you will create your dreamland in reality ...

13 8 2016



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