Thursday, June 30, 2016

Underwater Beach Ball Effect

水下壓住的沙灘球會怎樣的效應 - 找到脾氣,噩夢的根源 - 壓抑 - 爆發

Someone once told me that feelings are like a beach ball. Each time we have a feeling we don’t deal with, it is like trying to push the beach ball under the water in the swimming pool. Each new feeling we don’t acknowledge pushes the beach ball down further. Eventually it takes our whole strength and energy to keep the beach ball suppressed. Then eventually something little happens, and it pops out. You never know for sure when it’s going to pop out, but you know it will someday! The problem is, who is it going to hit? Unfortunately, it tends to hit the people we love the most, our wives or husbands, our children, our best friends, or that faithful person in our church, who least deserves our wrath. They become the collateral of the beach ball effect.
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