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      Love, Simon告訴我們...
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電影“LoveSimon” 裏面有一句
感人的電郵自白: 我厭倦住在一
一個精彩的愛情!我想找一個人分享。” 17嵗的Simon經過幾年的心
裏掙扎, 終於敢於面對自己是Gay

“LoveSimon”​​ 令我對同性戀的

Donna Wong
Just now
Love, Simon 
heartfelt,lighthearted young's movie, learning to be a better self, better parents......

Donna Wong
10 mins

電影“Love,Simon” 裏面有一句感人的電郵自白:
“我厭倦住在一個我不能做自己的世界。我值得有一個精彩的愛情!我想找一個人分享。” 17嵗的Simon經過幾年的心裏掙扎, 終於敢於面對自己是Gay的事實
Donna Wong
Just now


7 5 2018
Donna Wong
Just now
(電影Love, Simon 告訴我們)
Donna Wong

3 mins

2 mins

Just now

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7 5 2018


AV Bi-weekly : Finding the inner self

【明報專訊】Love, Simon, a romantic comedy adapted from a novel titled Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, is a heart-warming story not simply speaking for the LGBT community. Those who skim movie reviews before deciding whether they would go to a movie know that the story is about a teenager struggling to expose his secret sexual identity. Apart from this central theme, the movie invites thoughts about teens' angst, parents' attitudes towards their kids' anxiety, the harm caused by stereotypes, and brings back our first love experience.
Simon (Nick Robinson), a good-looking 17-year-old, begins telling viewers his story by saying, "My life is totally normal. ... I'm just like you." He's an achiever at school and has a loving family, with a younger sister (Talitha Eliana Bateman), who constantly experiments in the kitchen because being a great chef is her dream. The parents (Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel) are liberal — free-range parenting being their approach. Simon, just like most of us when we are/were teens, has an inner turmoil — finding himself. Realising that he is gay, he confides to "Blue" — a pseudonym of a schoolmate who's also gay. The secret e-mail correspondence gives him tremendous consolation.
a fictitious name, especially one used by an author.
As the story develops, Simon undergoes setbacks — finding Blue, his true love, being betrayed by a friend, and facing the challenges of coming out of the closet. Being critical of those who stereotype or discriminate against a person of a different sexual orientation is not the main aim of the director. Instead, the whole bunch of accommodating people around Simon make the story fun and touching. Vice Principal Mr. Worth (Tony Hale), for instance, apart from being perky greeting students every morning and taking away students' mobile phones, deals with the bullying of Simon very tactfully. He's supported by Ms Albright (Natasha Rothwell), the exasperated drama teacher, who comes to Simon's rescue.
The characters and the events bring giggles and wet eyes. Regardless of our viewpoints about homosexuality, we rejoice at how the characters grow and keep their family relationship and friendship intact whether one is straight or not, whether one is Jewish or Black, and whether one comes from a broken family. We all have a part to play in creating harmony in society.
LGBT = lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
angst 憂慮
stereotype 把他人歸入某類
turmoil 紛亂
confide to 吐露
perky 精力充沛的
exasperated 感到惱火
intact 完好的
1. Love, Simon is a true story.
2. Simon is never accepted by his friends, school and parents for being gay.
3. Find a word from the glossary to complete the sentence.
a) Mr. Worth in the movie, being ____________, makes great effort to interact with the students.
b) In the _______________________ over discrimination against homosexuality, Love, Simon delivers the message that people should accept others as unique individuals.
■by Venny Lai, a former Language Instructor at the PolyU and an experienced teacher of English Language and Literature

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