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What does death mean?

This is my poet written on March 17, 2009, when my son was a teen. I sent this prom to him....

I have started to ponder the fear of death, impact of death, and the meaning of life for my whole life. There is a sea of change in my attitude in death since I was a child.

I started to realize what death was
when I was only 4.
My younger brother was going to draw
When he was only 3.
What my instinct response –
I couldn’t lose him.
I shouted for help with all my might.
Franticly crying, desperately squeezing
A young man from nowhere jumped into the icy water to save the toddler’s life.
The most terrified accident;
The most forgettable stunning experience;
The young man’s image is still in my mind!

 I started to fear what death was
When I was 10.
My classmate sitting next to me died of drawn.
I was in the crowd to see his rescuing process and body buried with soil.
My neighbor was executed because of being a dissident;
The dean took his life due to political persecution.
Life is so vulnerable;
Life is so complicated;
Death was a mystery,
Lingering in my brain until presence.

 I started to have a real sense of loss and taste what grief meant
When I was 20.
My grandmother who raised our up,
Having fighting for heart disease for years,
Finally left us in her earlier sixty.
 For more than ten years,
Whenever closing my eyes, I saw her smile;
Whenever I dreamed, she came back.
She cared others more than herself,
She helped others with all her heart;
All of these years,
she seems never to leave us,
She is always in my mind.

I started to ponder of the impact of death
When I was an insurance agent,
I had to talk to people the taboo subject
- the most challenging phase in my life.
It turned out to be the most fulfilling job in my life.
Life insurance might not be able to save all financial troubles,
Anyhow it can relieve a  certain burden of the survival.
It is the last responsibility to families and people we love.
It will give us a state of peaceful mind
The tough job taught me to face death -
with dignity, preparation and responsibility!

Now my attitude to death is…
If I have to leave,
Don’t cry for me by my bed;
If I had left,
Donate my any useful organs,
Spray my ash into the sea.
I will be turned into
A glimpse of wave stroking the shore,
A lining of sunlight warming your heart,
A breeze of wind refreshing your face,
A bunch of grass relaxing in the hill,
And a tuft of flowers smiling to you!

If I have to leave,
Don’t weep for me;
If I had left,
Donate my any useful organs,
Spray my ash into the sea.
I am back to our mother nature.
I am surrounding you -
like the sunlight, the wind, and the water.
I will always stand by you,
I will never leave you.

Death is only part of life.
The less we know it,

The more fearful we are about it.
No one knows when it is our last day
But if we treat every day is our last day,
We will care and love more who we love;
Cherish and treasure more what we have.
Making each day never be the same.
To practice death is to practice freedom,
To set us free of death and unlearn the way of slave of death.

To set us free from death and grief,
What you only need to do is to keep your routine-
Go to school, go to work, do workout and meeting people 
To remember me by stopping bothering about me
To look forward instead of being trapped in a gloomy mood.
To celebrate your life and rejoice in life -
The world is so big,
There are so many dreams for you to fulfill,
There is so much happiness for you to pursuit.

Diligence and honest,
Respect of other people and appreciation,
Responsible and self reliance;
A sense of empathy and caring,
Forgiving and thanksgiving;
That is character I wish you will have before I leave.
I am sure your will strong enough to make my dreams come true,
Since if you have a beautiful mind,
You know how to make you happy and other happy.
Happiness is surely around you.
That is the best way to make me happy and alive
Just as I have never left you. 

Death is not the end of life spiritually.
Death is only a state of being,
There is no death
Unless we have life with love,
With a heart of loving, caring as a bridge,
Death will not depart you and me.
I will forever stay with you.


當我們明白死亡的意義,我們就會思考生命的意義因爲有死亡,我們就更珍惜活著的每一天,make the best use of each day.

Powerful sayings:

 17 3 2009

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