Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mind reader, dream reader

 My imaginary product is a dream reader. It could record my dreams during sleeping state and be only accessible to myself via some special computer software. In other words, only a person who had the identity pin could read his/ her dreams.

It sounds very mysterious and far from reality. The fact is that scientists have invented a microchip, which can be implanted in our bodies and enable others to track us whenever and wherever we go. This cybernetics has useful applications for parents who wish to ensure that their children are safe. Other benefits of this technique will assist the physical impaired and allow people to solve complex mathematical problems at computer speed.

However, this research has horrified quiet a lot of people in the law and political fields. According to the researcher, Professor Kevin Warwick, within 10 to 15 years, microchips implanted in the human brains will pave the way for speechless communication. Reading each other’s thoughts will be not impossible.

‘Kidwatch’ has been invented to track kids’ movement and directions, which has exasperated many rebellious teenagers. Mind readers, as an ultimate weapon for the totalitarian governments, and even democratic ones wearing their ‘anti-terrorism’ or ‘law and order’ blinkers, might be used for chasing dissidents in order to sentence them guilty.

I never imagine how frightening the side effect of the mind reader would be. If speechless communication were such dreadful, I’d roll back the clock to the age without microchips. However the human world will never stop at its original step, but always pushes itself forwards to the ultimate dreams and needs. So no one can stop this invention. Its success will be only a matter of time. The point is how to use the invention on a right track and how to use it justly. As to a camera phone, the Internet or even the invention of money, everything has the other side of the coin. They are not the sources of evils. The only thing we can do is to improve our responsibility to the society, sense of morality and personal integrity. Men without the basic moral can do anything even without such an intelligent invention. 

 3 9 2003

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