Sunday, July 2, 2017




Just dreamt of an 工作坊 in the morning:

An unexpected workshop, no any preparation, for a group of people Eugene brings to me from nowhere:
No ppt, no rundown, just let them share...and get lots of insights.

Origin or backgrounds -
  • Some people left early in our my last workshop.
  • Some people wanted to have simple quick ,解簽式的解夢,指點一下,驅兇避劫。
  • Most people may be armored with strong self defense system. And feeling unhappy about their own dreams....trying to escape or avoid talking about them

How to bypass all of the obstacles and get into people 冰山?

 Today’s dream gave me an idea, creative way to solve the problems

Actually i had the idea for a long time consciously as well. 

After my first workshop in April 2014 , I  had hope to run dream sharing each month, but not yet put in practice.

This is a practice in ancient Greek and many old European communities, believing sleep dreams could predict future and guide their daily life.

I believe dream is our wisdom and i use sleep dream power in my daily life as a healing, reflection and compass.



2 7 2017

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