Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Power of Appreciation

你知道最有力量的英文是什麼嗎?想像一下,你上台簡報,結束後回到座位時,坐在旁邊的老闆小小聲在你耳朵旁說:「Way to go! 」(這樣就對了。)你會不會一陣溫暖,覺得熬了一整個星期的夜,都值得了? 「Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.」(每個人都渴望有人欣賞,所以如果你欣賞某個人,不要隱藏。)這是玫琳凱化妝品創辦人玫琳凱.艾許(Mary Kay Ash)的一句名言。「讚美」是最powerful的英文,不管你的英文流不流利、發音好不好聽,只要是讚美人的英文,肯定會讓人很愛聽!


I admire you!(我佩服你!)
I’m impressed!(我被打動了!)
You’re awesome! (你真了不起!)
You're incredible! (真令人難以置信!)
You did a great job!(幹得好!)
You're looking sharp!(你看起來真棒!)
You're really talented!(你真有天份!)
You're very professional!(你好專業!)
I like the way you handled that! (我喜歡你的做法!)
I'm very pleased with your work! (我對你的成果非常滿意!)      
I think being Able to show appreciation is an ability to appreciate ourselves.

When we see others' inner beauty, we see beauty ourselves and become more self accusative.

1 4 2017

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