Thursday, April 20, 2017

Children potential from characteristic study

All the purpose in characteristic study is to know ourselves better,

To make a difference in life



Andy’s character by birth

Andy, 5 years old, is born with an abundance of potential in compassion and generosity.

This is matched with what I found when I fell down last time in his home, I was in excruciating pain, but I pretended to not that serious in front of him.  He was three years old at that time. He gave me a face expression of badly painful look, indicating he knew my pain actually, making me so warm , so touched and happy. I couldn't help laughing despite the pain.

He gains an understanding of people and a greater spiritual sense of the world around him.

As he is growing in this direction, he can feel of others’ feeling intimately感受别人的感受, a strong empathy, strong helping heart.

He can become diplomatic in handling complicated situations.

He has traits and potential in being soft, warm, inclusive, thoughtful strong ability in critical thinking, 替別人著想,喜欢幫助別人,溫柔,包容,細心

On the negative side

This kind of people, in their mind, too much about others, they become lost of themselves , have a tendency to have insomnia …

He might be oversensitive and easily hurt, or shy and uncertain, less confidence.

My advice:

Our parents emotion will directly affect their character development!  All children are inclined to be hurt and that will cast shadow for life sometimes unless the parents learn healing on themselves, showing a humanity, compassion towards each other.

Always show appreciation, caring and supporting, listening to his heart words, respects him  he is very pre-matured by birth, which his parents do so well most of the time.

Meanwhile, he has more beautiful traits in the following aspect and some weakness probably




負面: 容易走向固执(sometimes) 欠自信心, 自以為是 

Amazing thing is the character study I did for Andy is in good match with what I understand about him.

A piece of advice:

In his childhood and early life, his self-development direction is to learn to be more humble, self-ascertaining, and self-confident by participating in more activities in helping others if possible, as he is a good helper by nature.

He is a kind and compassionate person with strong intuition, imagination, analytic ability, action power.

Andy has unlimited possibility and bright future!

From the series of study, I found that:


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