Sunday, February 26, 2017

What does coaching means? 家庭排列系統課程 Review 3

這次家庭排列系統課程,看了不少個案,自己也成為個案,是一個很好的機會學習coaching and leadership.



Here I summarise the coaching learning from my personal experiences:

For self coaching:

Be aware of problems, identifying problems, seeing problems as a turning point , changing resources for making us a better person

Acceptance of the new reality or prospective and make peaceful with inner self

Make a choice and set a goal for change

Find inspiring resources and move forward

To coach others:

  1. Ask powerful questions to identify the need of the coachee, identify problem and corn emotion of behind the problem
  2. Feel coachees' feeling, respect their feeling, and listening to their feedback, reflection as carefully and patiently as we can.  (  放空自己, 放下coach 的 身份, 自己只是一个聆听者,陪伴着和inspiring figure) 
  3. help coachee to see the issue from new prospective , as an opportunity, as an empowerment chance 
  4. guide the coachee to set up new beleif, make a new choice, to set a goal 
  5. inspiring the coachee to find inner and outside resources and empower them to move forward

During the process, I found: In the role play: 

My mom's role is not matching my case because in reality, she is fully supporting my career and caring my health and balance life. But in the play, it has no connection with goal. 

Every role has their own experiences. So the population in family constellation and psycho drama is the key. 

My Father fits the case. And so is the daughter as me. 

The indicator ( She - body, mind , Spirituality ) is no feeling 自在,puzzled , I  agreed, because I have not yet achieve this status, so she feels not relaxed, carefree, it is very true.

The WANT ( role) feels relaxed and the Desire ( Role) is close to the indicator. That is a good sigh that I am working on the way but still need try hard.

( The Role - Myself) shows she is feeling happier with the indicator. That means  ( She - body, mind , Spirituality ) is my destiny, my dreamland and my passion. 

So now what I need to do is ACTION. How? first , I need to find more resources, they are in my mind already, my determination, my will and my experiences, they are just around me already - they are my family, my team and all of my supporters!

I will set a daily action goal to train myself to form a good habit! To learn from my parents on good sleep habit. Sleep early and get up to do workout daily.

I found listening is very essential and powerful, speaking less , let the coachee to be their own coach;
 feeling their feelings, they can find their ways to improve. 

As a coach or healer, we need to do is empowerment  , support, inspiring people to find their own resources...

26 2  2017

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