Friday, February 10, 2017

My sharing on hypnosis learning

Hi, Sue,

 I am in a new intensive hypnosis course.

I just record a pre-hypnosis talk and Relaxation hypnosis (later part) - so as to make hypnosis (also called self hypnosis or meditation) more effective and get the max. benefit from it.

This hypnosis course I am in gives me a sense of a sublimation of  Dreams Possible course and all self-development courses I have taken in the past years. Subconscious mind need endless repetitive positive messages to instill a new belief and new value system or new habit. Hypnosis can help us to speed the process and let's grow more solid and faster.

Here is a quite comprehensive explanation about functions of hypnosis:

There is a paragraph in the link explaining the wonder I experienced in the last section, in which, I hoped hypnosis could cured my split headache and flu symptom and it DID worked instantly. I was in a demonstration at that moment, the hypnotherapist induced me into a short but deep relaxation state. After that, my headache and sneeze drift away.


That is why I would like to share my learning and joy on learning and practicing hypnosis with you as everyone's subconscious mind is an ocean of wisdom on protection of our body...



Wish you to have a Good sleep when my voice with you...


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