Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Haaa, monkeys are my teachers...
Stay foolish, stay curious, stay hungry... each day as happy as monkeys

我写我心- My morning thought from my dreams... 2 2 2016

What we care about shape our inner happiness 

 Life comes and goes,
Everyday we gain and lose

Flowers bloom and fade
Spring is approaching
Winter is leaving

Life is a process of circling
Life is a process of learning
Who care how much we give or lose!

What we really care IS
 the value of the process
Giving and taking, 
Gaining and losing, 
Coming and going..

From which 
We find the value of ourselves
We find the value of others
We can empower ourselves
We can inspire others

Then we come to realise
It is what we care about
DO SHAPE the day of our inner happiness.

2 2 2016

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