Thursday, July 16, 2015

Self Hypnosis Wonderful

催眠 状态- 最佳的學習狀態,接受新事物的狀態

自我放松練習, 是一個隨時隨地都可以做的自我催眠. 用于舒

緩壓力,情緒和痛症, 快速恢複體力,精神狀態。也可用于睡

前催眠, 幫助自己清松自然,不知不覺地,進入夢鄉.


  • Sit back, relaxed, close your eyes. Relaxation is easy. Take just a few minutes to give our body and mind a peaceful time, listening to their voices. You will be much more energetic and clear-headed instantly. You will find so much happiness is just around you when you are peaceful and relaxed a lot...
  • Recently, I am teaching hypnotherapy for a group of people with huge Earnest and Interest in hypnotherapy. Meanwhile, I am deeply immersed myself in hypnosis state - relaxed but highly focused... Just an amazing state - the best state for learning, reflection and change. 

  • 11. and 18 July, 2015 on the course
16 7 2015

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