Hi this is Chris Howard.
If you’ve been to any of my live events, or heard me speak on my CD programs, you’ll know that I absolutely love what I do. My work has been an all consuming passion that has positively impacted every area of my life.
And so, almost every day people ask me about the secret to passion and drive.
The answer is: living a life on purpose. 
When you live a life on purpose then your life becomes magical, and every moment of every day can become a moment spent in the embrace of God. 
Since uncovering my life’s passion I have been blessed to become a bestselling author a few times over.  I have had the good fortune to build a multi-million dollar company and I have had the amazing opportunity to speak to hundreds of thousands of people every year on how they too can uncover their life’s passion.  I love what I do. 
Right now, I want to share with you a simple – yet highly powerful and profound – 7 step process that will help uncover YOUR life’s passion and purpose.
Are you ready? 
I’m going to share with you a series of questions, which you can answer for yourself, and when you do, they can provide you with tremendous insights and understandings about where you might take your life as you move powerfully into the future.  
Here are your questions to answer: 
What have been my greatest moments of joy and fulfilment in my life?
What are the greatest sources of joy in my career?
What activities do I absolutely love in my personal life?
What are my greatest talents and natural abilities?
What is the single most important thing I'd like to accomplish in my career?
What is the one most important thing I would like to achieve in my life?
What is the relationship between all of these answers to these questions?
As you go through and write out your answers to these questions, you may not get your vision of the future perfectly clear. I know I didn’t. But like any masterpiece, the canvas slowly comes together. You get a clearer picture and feeling of what your life’s purpose truly is. - But do realize that the vision doesn't have to be perfect in order to begin acting on it.  In fact, the only way to perfect it is to act.
When Walt Disney was asked what his vision for Disney was, he replied, "I don't know but it's bright and it's glittery and it's out there someplace."  
So even for Disney it was always a work in progress.
Be willing to move in a direction that meets where your passions and talents collide.
Even more clarity will come as you find your true north, and begin to take action.
Please, give yourself the gift and contemplate the answers to these questions and always remember to love deeply, shine brightly, and make your life an extraordinary adventure!
 Internationally acclaimed lifestyle and wealth strategist, Christopher Howard is a best-selling author, prominent speaker and the owner of Christopher Howard Training. For almost two decades, Chris has researched the success strategies of the world's greatest business, philanthropic and spiritual minds. His extensive knowledge is shared through his books, home study courses and public seminars worldwide. As a result, Chris Howard has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals create the wealth and engineer the lifestyle they truly desire. 
 17 7 2015