Tuesday, March 10, 2015

7 Things Law of Attraction Followers Do Differently

Law of Attraction followers are a unique breed of people who often have some unusual habits. In an effort to get their vibrations as high as possible and manifest their desires as quickly as they can, they use a number of strategies to help them achieve their goals.
Things Law of Attraction Followers Do Differently:
1. They Often Use Daily Affirmations
A Law of Attraction follower is much more likely to start their day saying things like “I am powerful,” “life is good,” and “I am blessed.” Instead of starting out the day griping about all of the things that are going wrong, a Law of Attraction follower will often start out by pointing out all of the things that are going right with daily affirmations! If you’re looking for some new daily affirmations, check out this article.
2. They Visualize Their Dreams
Law of Attraction followers are big on visualization. They often feel that time spent fantasizing about their dreams is time well spent. Unlike many members of the general population, who feel that day dreaming is only for people with their “head in the clouds,” Law of Attraction followers know and understand that their imaginations are what really create their realities.
3. They Meditate
Law of Attraction followers are much more likely to engage in daily meditation. Whether it’s sitting down in the morning to do a simple silent meditation or heading out to yoga class, Law of Attraction followers often spend time getting in tune with the greater force of the universe in order to raise their vibrations. For Law of Attraction followers looking for some alternative methods of meditation, check out this page on my website.
4. They Use Vision Boards
Law of Attraction followers are often known for creating vision boards, usually in the form of cork boards decorated with pictures of the things they are trying to manifest. This method was largely popularized by the famous Law of Attraction movie, “The Secret.”
5. They Try to Refrain From Gossip, Fights and Complaints
You’ll be hard pressed to find a true Law of Attraction follower regularly gossiping, arguing and complaining. They understand that their words effect the quality of their thoughts, so they try to keep their language as clean as possible.
6. They Look on the Bright Side
Law of Attraction followers often make a point of identifying the silver lining in every cloud. Whether they are talking themselves up, or counseling a friend or relative who is down in the dumps, they understand that the key to raising one’s vibration is in looking at the positive in every situation.
7. Many of Them Listen to (and Believe) Spiritual Channels
Whether they listen to YouTube recordings of Abraham-Hicks, or go see Bashar in person, many Law of Attraction followers have gravitated to spiritual channels for information, strategies, or just because they enjoy listing to them. Their friends and relatives might think they are nuts for believing in the words of a channel, but chances are they don’t care because they find the information so inspiring.
Even if other people look at them as weird or a little “out there,” a Law of Attraction follower knows that actions like these help them create the life of their dreams. So, if you are a Law of Attraction follower, keep doing what you’re doing! Each of these actions is helping you create your reality in the best possible way.

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