Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ho'oponopono chanting in my dream

Zero Limits in my lucid dream


In my lucid dream yesterday, I heard my inner voice said the followings in English:

When I say “I am sorry” instantly to people, I can improve relationship instantly and avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

When I have something drag my mind, hindering me from moving forward, I say please “Forgive me and forgive you”, let go of it, instantly I get well, feeling brighten up, and I do move forward.

By constantly saying “I love you” to myself and beloved ones with heart and soul, I can effectively improve empathy, compassion and appreciation ability. Expressing love before it is too late!

By say “Thank you to self” and all people who are helping us at any time, esp. when things are not going well, we can clean negative emotion and have positive transformation quickly by feeling resourcefulgrateful confident.

My dream is sending me such a lovely, positive message! What a wonderful inner teacher and life companion- my dream friend!

Utilization of dream messages and following our heart can make a big difference in life!





經常對自己說“我愛你,”對身邊的人說“I love you, 同理心,慈悲心和欣賞別人和自己的能力就會有效的提高。愛要說出來!



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