Monday, August 25, 2014

夢境探索工作坊 之五 做自己的治療師

In my recent day dreams and night dreams, a group of people gathering to undergo a deep soul exploration, to find who they are, share their dreams and passions in a warm,carefree, friendly environment...
Now it is going to come true again!

  • Donna Wong So excited. It's my 5th dream Exploration together with my old and new friends.
    Every time, i consider it the first time, keeping improving...
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  • Donna Wong Thanks O Spiritual Home support, all old and new friends trust. Your enthusiasm on learning yourselves inspire me to keep my passion burning
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  • Donna Wong Esp. thanks for my life coach Louisa Chan's support and encouragement.

  • Donna Wong Everyone has dreams. sweet dreams are fine, but nightmares sometimes, if everyone dares to face their own crazy dreams, nasty dreams, all of the seemingly fearful staff becomes treasures to boost our spirit and health, honestly. But it takes time and courage to face our own!

My dream -

As a hypnotherapist and dream analysis coach, my dream is to connect people in subconscious level, to empower people to follow their heart. While inspiring others to live on their dreams and to excel themselves, I will excel myself and connect my heart in oneness state – a body and mind in happiness and freedom state inside out.


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