Sunday, October 2, 2016


看完一個表面超級恐怖,但內裡震驚社會的電影《屍殺列車》,寫下感受,又馬上看“Snowden”, 我一直很想了解的真相, internet freedom and privacy,另一種驚心動魄,讓人不寒而栗的電影,一部關乎你我的切身利益的社會課題。



他是一個叛國賊,還是一個為世人發聲的英雄?他是一個黑客,還是一個反黑客?他的逃命天涯,為民情願,完全出於一份良知,一份大愛,對國家的真摯的感情,正如如他的名字一樣 - snowwhite ,白雪般,純真美麗!

電影令人感到欣慰或一點驕傲的是Snowden選擇來香港發布美國政府的驚人內幕,是否我們真的很自由,還是對自由沒有感覺,或不以為然,take it for granted? 電影令人反思何為自由?珍惜自由!


Interviewer: you are alone from your country,  that must be hard. do u think it is still worth?

Snowden: Yes, i have lost everything when I flew out, I had lost a stable life,love, future, but now I have gain the new one. I am incredibly fortune.  And I think the greatest freedom I gain is I don't have to worry about tomorrow and I am happy what I do today.t

The movie really strikes me that speech freedom, justice, integrity and meaning of life, that make us a fulfillment of life...

2 10 2016

Edward Snowden Live From Russia

Snowden Live Stream Event | September 14th

Published on Sep 15, 2016
Conversation with Oliver Stone, Edward Snowden, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley on September 14th played after an exclusive screening of the film Snowden.

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